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International mommies out there?

Hi, there! 

I've been around for quite while but I just started posting today. I was just wondering how many other mommies out there are from outside the US/Canada like me. I'm from Brazil.

I was also wondering about the differences in pre-natal care too. Here, for example, we don't talk to nurses when we go to our appointments. We talk straight to the doctor. Also, when I go in, my doctor does the ultrasound, so I don't have to wait for him to see the baby after the tech. I also get to take home a DVD with images of the u/s, which I find really awesome cos' I can see baby over and over again. Since this is my first prenancy I don't know if all doctors here in Brazil are like this, but I sure like mine.

And we don't usually have middle names either... Our baby is a sweet boy and we'll name him Heitor, which in English would be Hector I think. Then the child gets one last name from mom and the other one from dad.

Glad to be here and nice to meet you all!

Re: International mommies out there?

  • it's like that in Lima, Peru, too...

    Nice to meet you!... I really dont know if all medical centers in Lima have the procedure of doctors doing the ultrasounds but where I'm going it's just like that,

    plus I got the 4D ultrasound to check for NT , which I've heard is not done everywhere

    Is not my 1st pregnancy, I had a MC on 2010 while living in NY. now that I'm back home I find myself more confortable with the care. Not that in NY was bad, but I felt staff is more practical and cold in some ways... Maybe it's just me...

    the only thing I'm finding confusing is deciding on what inssurance should I take, since every clinic has its own... :P

    Good to meet you :)

    My Angel went back to the Arms of God at 8w2d on Oct. 23rd 2010... Got Positive PT on Oct 12 2012! Doing my Best to make it work this 2nd chance I was Given. Thx God!! BabyFetus Ticker
    Gian Maria was born at 38 weeks on June 2nd,
    Makes my dreams come true everyday!
  • I'm in Belgium, and here too, the gyneacologists themselves do the ultrasounds. No special technicians for those. 


    There is a forum for 'International bumpies' in the menu on the left, if you want to meet others! 

  • I am in US, and go to a small practice, my dr does the u/s himself, and spends a lot of time answering questions, etc. But I think he is more exception than the norm. 
  • I'm in Spain. We also directly see the doctor. There is a nurse or midwife present during our meetings who will take my blood pressure and take notes, but I go in and sit at the doctor's desk. Very different than my experience in the US.

    Our doctors have been on strike for the last few weeks, so we've had minimum services, but honestly I can't complain about the level of care I've received from the national health service. I feel really confident now about my choice to use the Spanish national health service (seguridad social). 

     In Spain, middle names are also not common, but we aren't Spanish. We will be using the Spanish last names custom, though (except my last name is going first). 

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