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Similac Sensitive help

LO has been on SS for a little over 6 weeks full time. He also has silent reflux but is on meds for that which seem to be working. My issue is he is extremely fussy constantly and gassy to the point where he screams and cries when trying to pass gas. I literally have to hold him from about 4am-7am to help him pass gas while he tries to sleep. I have been wanting to switch to another formula in case this is the issue. Anyone have experience with SS or Enfamil Gentlease? I have also heard of Gerber Gentle and Soothe. Any experiences would be helpful.

Pedi suggested trying Soy but I am hesitant since he is a boy and I heard it can constipate. If others are using soy though I would love to hear your experiences! Thank you so much! I just want him to feel better. I could care less if he has gas, but since it's painful I just can't take it much longer.  

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Re: Similac Sensitive help

  • Our LO also had painful gas on SS. I switched to Enfamil Gentlease and he became extremely fussy but less gassy - made me think the gas was worse, he just couldn't get it out. We just switched to Gerber Good Start Gentle, which has made his farts TOXIC, but he doesn't seem to be in pain when he lets them out, and his fussiness is gone. Too early to tell how well he'll tolerate it long-term (we've literally only had him on it about 48 hours) but it seems to be better already.
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  • Ws has these exact same problems with SS and gentle ease. We also have reflux issues as well. We tried soy and the constipation was so bad LO tore her rectum. We are on Similac Advanced and have been on it for about a three weeks. She is not as fussy and the gas is going away too. More importantly she is regular again.
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  • We started out using Enfamil Gentle-ease and switched to SS after a month and a half. My daughter also had painful gas and the doctor thought she had colic. SS seemed to help, but we also used Little Tummys Gas Drops so it's hard to tell which one helped her more. She is 3.5 months old now, still on SS & gas drops as needed, and gas pain seems to be minimal for the most part-though still loud and stinky!! ;)

    Have you looked into gas drops or gripe water? 

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  • We started SS when LO showed signs of really painful gas. We went with SS as opposed to Enfamil Gentlease because I read Gentlease contains a protein that hardens stool. SS does not have that protein. We also would use gripe water along with SS. I did that for about 5 days and now he seems to be pretty comfortable. He's a gassy baby and burps a lot but it seems like we get his gas out a lot easier with SS. If SS didn't work, we would have switched him to soy tho.
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  • we had this issue with similac sensitive also. he would also get more formed stools so I figured he was getting constipated. and I personally didn't like how foamy it would get. so we switched to enfamil gentle ease. he seems to pass gas easier and hasn't had a harder stool since. he does spit up alil now. but he also was diagnosed with reflux so im blaming that. im considering asking the pediatrician at his 4 mo apt if we can try targets up & up brand. I hear people say it worked good for them & its alot cheaper.

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