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When are you packing?

FTM here, just wondering when is a good time to start packing for the hospital? I still have 7 weeks to go, but I'm very impatient lol
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Re: When are you packing?

  • I don't think you can ever pack too soon unless you are doing it in 1st tri lol! we just took our last out-of-town trip over Christmas so my bag is now laying out in the baby's room and I will start to add to it as we go along - I've got about 5 1/2 weeks to go.

    Most of the things I want to take I use daily so can't do a whole lot of packing until closer anyways but I will start to get a few things in the bag and also a list of what to grab on D-day.

    With DS I had time from when contractions started to when I had to get to the hospital so did most of the packing that day, but that doesn't always happen either!


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  • You can pack any time you want to. I started making a list of things I want to pack, but I haven't actually packed my bag yet. I probably will start next week at 36 weeks, if I don't do it this weekend. 
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  • Honestly I don't really know...I live on an island and I have to get off at around 38 weeks. We don't have the facilities to deliver, nor do I want to, because I work in the ER here :) 

    I have given a lot of thought to how I would get out of here in the event that DD came sooner rather than later...My father in law has a small 4 person plane that he can fly in decent weather and probably only in the day time.

    I spoke to the pilot that does charters from the island, asking how I would go about hiring him if I wanted to vacate immediately, and he said just call him up anytime. I REALLY don't wanna go to the hospital and have my colleagues work on me...checking my cervix etc...and we have no means of pain control other than narcotics, which I would like to avoid. For these reasons, whatever the cost of the flight is totally justified in my mind. It is only approx 20 minutes.

    But as stated in PP, I use most of the items I would take with me daily...so I don't really think I can pack...

    Sigh...living on this island makes everything so complicated! 

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  • I have a little over 4 weeks to go and will pack my bag next week.
  • Whenever.... I just did mine yesterday and have just under 5 weeks to go.

    LO has been measuring big the whole time though and they moved my due date in the beginning from Jan 24 to Feb 1, so a little little piece of me is still hoping she'll be early!


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  • Tonight! We got back from our last out of town trip yesterday and I've been banned from the gym by my OB after having contractions yesterday, so the bags aren't getting used for anything else.

    I probably won't have everything in it but I'll pack what I can (nursing tanks, pajama pants, robe, nursing pads, pump, etc) and make a list of last minute stuff to leave in the bag. I will also pack DD1s back ASAP because that's even more work!

  • I packed my bag before my last AFI, just in case.  
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  • I'll be packing at 36 weeks... the baby stuff, at least!
  • I started packing yesterday.  With DD, I had a lot of prodromal labor, and was at almost 6 cms without being in labor, so I don't know that I will have time to pack, once real labor starts. 

    I bought new pajamas for the hospital, and for when people visit, so I don't have to wear "real" clothes.  I also bought some new makeup and toiletries.  I still have to pack things for the baby, but I am washing some more of his clothes today.  I also want to pack an overnight bag for DD, since at least the first night, she will be staying at someone's house.


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  • I've been packed since 32w, but I won't be going any later than 37w.

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  • Most things I'll have to pack last minute, but I'm going to get started around 37 weeks. I've got my list made, but haven't started thinking about what I need to pack for DS to stay with my SIL.
  • After a surprise trip to L & D last week, we are packed!!!

    I had a list going before, which helped DH when he went home to get stuff for our stay. I had planned on packing over the holidays anyway. I'm almost at 35 weeks.

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  • I have 6 weeks left and haven't packed yet, I dont think you can pack "too early". Anytime will be fine.
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  • I ended up having to be induced due  to high blood pressure with my first two, so I assume the same will happen this time around. I packed when I got  home from the doctor's office with orders to go to the hospital that night for DD1 and the night before reporting for a morning induction with DD2.

    In fact, we moved at 37 weeks with DD1 so there was no way I could pack early.

    In the next week or so I do plan to try out different configurations in the car to see who will be sitting where based on whether the infant bucket or DD2s radian will make it easier to flip the seat back so DD1 and carpool kid can get into the back row. Otherwise it's no big deal to pack stuff and my kids will be staying at our house while I'm in the hospital (most likely my mom/MIL will take care of them much of the time and DH will go home to sleep with them each night).

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  • I bought some travel sized stuff at target today. I think I will start throwing things in my bag in the next couple days or so. 
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  • image mom2b22013:
    I bought some travel sized stuff at target today. I think I will start throwing things in my bag in the next couple days or so. 

    i did this last week. I still have about 7 weeks, so I don't feel too rushed. I'm throwing in a few pair of pjs that fit up until the last few weeks as well. Then while I labor at home, I'll do the rest. I'll have a list together in case we can't labor at home that H can just grab for me. 


  • DS came almost 5 weeks early so with this LO I don't want to risk the chance again. We had to buy stuff and send people to our house because I ended up staying for 6 days. I know this isn't everyone's situation but I'm packed and ready, well not ready I hope LO stays put full term this time!

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  • You could probably start now. I have 5 weeks to go and I need to do it this week! I just got this big fluffy robe for xmas and I couldn't be more excited to wear it. I think it will come in handy at the hospital for walking around and for covering up when visitors come. Hard to believe the day will actually come!!

  • I'm 35 weeks today and just started thinking about packing.  With DS #1, I packed a bag before an AFI (after being put on modified bed rest due to low fluid) and didn't need it for that appointment, but did a week later.  I was 37 weeks when I packed the bag.

    For DS #2, I figured there was no way I would go early after being induced for 45 hours and ending in a c-section because I never dilated past 4 cm, so I didn't pack a bag until the night before my scheduled c-section, at 39 weeks.

    This time, the baby is measuring BIG, and I've had lots and lots of BH and some contractions, so I'm thinking that something might happen before my scheduled c-section (39w5d), so I should probably pack something sooner rather than later. 

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  • I packed last night because I had a strange feeling that I "needed to". I put baby's outfits and my comfort clothes in my bag, as well as a few minor snacks, and packed my toiletry bag so I can just grab it when I need it. I plan to labor at home for a long time, so there shouldn't be a rush, but it feels nice to see it sitting there knowing I don't have to find clean clothes or anything to put in the bag.
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