Trying to Get Pregnant


DH and I had semi-protected sex, and since then I'm been feeling funny. AF isn't due for 3 weeks, but do you think I'm pregnant?!


....I kid, I kid. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a frequenter of the baby names board and DH and I started TTC this month. I've joined fertility friend and so far am just tracking AF and CM, but just bought a thermometer today and plan to start tracking BBT as well. DH thinks I am nuts, and keeps saying "let's just have sex a lot", but I find all the fertility stuff fascinating. I've learned so much just from lurking here and am looking forward to learning even more! I am still getting used to the acronyms, so I apologize in advance if I seem like a moron sometimes Smile 

One question: in all the 2ww threads there is a question about timing. Just curious what it means? It's probably really obvious but I can't figure it out!


Re: Am I KTFU?!

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