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Do I need a glider at all?

We were about to buy a glider, and my mom recommended against it.

She said that she just liked to sit on the couch (and watch TV...which I'm hoping to largely avoid while nursing but we'll see), and that I would be bored on a glider, alone in the nursery, and that I would never use it.  Also, she said I might want to breastfeed in bed--not sure if I will or not (husband would probably prefer not!).  This got me nervous because the glider I'm considering is expensive, and I don't want to buy it and not use it!

On the other hand, it seems like I might want a glider. My nursery is not near the couch/living room so it might be a hassle to bring the baby downstairs, and I'm not sure how comfortable it would be to nurse on the couch.  I also have an old rocking chair or some other chairs I could use, but I'm not sure how comfortable those would be for long periods of time.

Any recommendations for whether a glider is really needed and whether you actually used it?

Re: Do I need a glider at all?

  • I have loved our glider! We are about to move it back to the living room for nursing the new baby. We have literally used it almost every day since our son was born. 

    Sometimes rocking my DS in the glider while nursing was the only way to get him to sleep! Something about the movement is very calming!  

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  • I didn't get one until DD was 5 or 6 months old and I greatly wish I would have had it sooner.  It was so nice to have for middle of the night feedings and putting her down for naps/nighttime.
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  • If you buy one make sure to get a good one.   We bought one from Wal Mart when I my daughter was a baby.  It was the biggest piece of junk, it had 5 metal squiggly bars under the cushion.   These were supposed to hold up your weight but the problem was they were held on by staples.    The stupid thing fell apart, my husband tried to fix it but finally it went to the curb.

    Now I have an antique rocking chair that belonged to my grandma.. very comfy.

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  • I insisted that we get a glider before DS was born and although it was wonderful and gloriously comfy, I never used it.  It now sits in our family room in the basement and continues to never be used.  I nursed our kids in the rocking Lazy Boy in our living room or in our bed in the middle of the night.  It's a very hard decision and you'll never really know if you'll put it to good use until you get into a routine with your new LO.  GL with your decision! 
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  • I could not have lived without my glider! Once DD was in her crib in her room we did all our nighttime feedings there. I do recommend sitting in yours and making sure your comfy. Our is borderline, those long nights of cluster feedings could get pretty uncomfortable after awhile. Overall though I loved ours, and like I said I could not have done without it.

    Also getting up and turning on the t.v. to nurse is going to be very distracting for your LO and for you. It will make it harder for you both to return to sleep. When you nurse at night you should try to keep it low light (if any at all) so you both can easily go back to sleep when you're done.

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  • I'm an FTM but I got a glider for some of the same reasons as you. Our bedroom and nursery are both upstairs, while the living room is downstairs. I know I am not going to want to bring DD downstairs in the middle of the night to BF. I don't know how comfortable it would be to BF on the couch either. I am short so I had a hard time finding a glider that I could sit in comfortably with my feet on the floor at times when I don't want to use the ottoman (which is something I can't do on the couch).

     I also feel like it will be nice to have to rock her to sleep, read to her, etc.


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  • I think whether you need one or not is just going to be a personal thing. Your mom could obviously do without one, but as shown by pp, some need one.

    I think I kind of fall in the "need one" category.
    I had a really nice expensive glider from BRU and I used it daily. Multiple times a day. Not just for feedings before naps, but during the night when LO just needed soothing, and even now that my LO is almost 3. It's great for story time and he just sits in it himself and plays. Having said all that, I know I would have been fine without it. You can make just about anything work!
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  • I'm a FTM.  I don't plan to buy a glider, but I have a rocker set up for the nursery... My parents gave it to me and they have an identical one.  I already use it frequently because it seems like Elly already loves the motion of it. If I didn't have the rocker, I would likely get a glider though because I think it will be handy to have a comfy chair in the nursery.
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  • I have an old rocker and yes, I used it all. the. time. We still use it nightly at bed time. I think I will get a nice glider for this one's room because the rocker isn't quite as comfortable as the gliders are.

    We also have the same set up as one of PPs who has bedrooms upstairs and living room downstairs. I wouldn't have wanted to move the baby in the middle of the night, anyway - you want to disrupt them (and you) as little as possible so both of you don't end up wide awake and then have a harder time going back to sleep.

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  • We have one in DS's, who is almost 21 months, and we still use it every day. It's part of our bedtime routine of cuddling and stories. Plus, he likes to sit in it and "read" books homself. I didn't use it much until he started sleeping in his room, but it's been invaluable. We got a cheapie and it's on it's last leg. I plan on getting a new nice one for DD.

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  • I couldn't live without my glider. DS is 18 months and I still use it every day. I don't get bored alone in the nursery because I play on my phone.
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  • Get one! Like PP said, it's not just for nursing. And not just for middle of the night. The glider we have has been a life saver for the last 8 years! We even got an additional one for our room because one wasn't enough.

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  • I didn't have one for DS and was fine. I had to use the football hold so I found the couch, bed or pur oversized chair much more comfortable for that than a glider or rocker would have. T never really liked to be rocked to sleep either. I will keep an open mind but I won't buy one ahead of time for this baby.
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  • I had a rocking chair that was my grandmas, and I was being very sentimental and decided not to buy a glider and just use that. IT WAS THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE CHAIR EVER. I ended up getting a glider later and absolutely LOVE it.
  • In my own experience with DD, one of my *biggest* regrets is never buying a glider. I thought I 'knew better' and didn't think it was necessary...but truth be told, DD loved being rocked as a baby, and a glider would have made this so much easier! I definitely think it's worth buying one for my next LO. It sure beats walking around the house with a crying baby, or having to mimic the rocking motion while sitting on the couch (believe me, harder than it sounds)!

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  • I plan to get one where the legs can be converted to stationary ones so it can later be used in a living or family room!
  • I absolutely LOVE my glider.  I didn't nurse my DD in her room often when she was a newborn.  But once she started sleeping in her room, it's all I've used.  Think about the 3-5x a night he/she will wake up...  You will want somewhere comfy to hold the baby.

    I have a Dutailier Reclining Glider.  It's super comfy.

    It doesn't have to be a glider.  It can be a cozy chair.  Just as long as the nursery has some comfy place to sit.

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  • I highly recommend a glider or comfy chair in the baby's room.  Great for nursing and story time.
  • You should get it if you think you will use it.  I read in Baby Bargains the best brands are Dutailier (rated an "A" by the authors) and Shermag (rated "B").  You could also try Craigslist if you are worried about spending a lot of money.  And, consider if you buy a new one, you could always sell it if you don't end up using it a lot.
  • I posted this below too...We went to a furniture and bought a large rocker/recliner (think LaZboy) that we can later use in the family room or basement.  I STRONGLY suggest this idea, especially if you are planning on nursing.  We loved our big comfy chair and spent about 399 on it.
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  • I mainly used my glider in DD's room at night, and at 2, I still sit with her a rocker her while I read her a book. It's a nice, quiet and special place for she and I. I would nurse her there before naps and bedtime, also if we had guests at the house and I wanted a quiet place. I did nurse her in bed a couple of times but it wasn't often.
  • I love my glider and I couldn't have made it through the nights without one. 
  • I was debating getting one, but I've decided now that I really want one and I need to find out a way to budget one in! For one, even once the baby is older, we can take the glider out of her room and bring it into the living room. It's not like we're going to use it for 6 months or a year and then it's done. We could always use more seats!

    Also, I have an 8 week old nephew, and when I was holding him the other day, I found that when he was fussy he really wanted to be rocking/moving... which meant I was on my feet all the time. I think having a glider would help soothe the baby and keep me from being on my feet 24/7! 

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  • I am so glad you asked this question! I was in the same boat: wondering if a glider was a real "need" or not. I didn't want to spend the money just because it looked nice in the store and them have it sit unused.

    But, these comments have really helped me see how other moms have used their rockers. So glad I stopped to read this tonight.

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  • I had a glider hand me down and used it a lot, particulary at night because I bottle fed her (EP).  But I also feed DD on the couch as well during the day.

    However I think you should be fine with a rocking chair if you already own it.   


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