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poly vi sol giving baby upset tummy?

Our pedi recommended poly vi sol with iron for our LO. Every time we give it to her she spits up a bunch and gets very fussy. We've tried spacing the times out when we give it to her but to no avail. Anyone else having this issue?
At first I thought it could be the iron as it gives most people an upset stomach but I can't find anything out there to substantiate that.

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Re: poly vi sol giving baby upset tummy?

  • Yah, we were prescribed the multi vit for LO ... not sure if ours has iron or not. Tried giving it 3 times and i found that she would sound croupy afterwards, it stuck around in her mouth so i would get it all over my nipples during feedings that were HOURS later, and she would be spitting or coughing it up and was affecting her feedings because took longer for her to digest. Am also concerned about the sugars in the poly being on my nipples in terms of encouraging yeast... not sure if that is warranted though.

    Talked with 2 friends whose kids are a year ahead of mine, one felt her kiddo had a cough that wouldnt go away until they stopped giving the poly to their daughter; the other said we dont have to give the full mL in one sitting and or can mix it in with a bottle ... have yet to do bottles with my LO. She also pointed out that at this stage with BF and me being on prenatal vites that nutrients will be passed from me to her in the breast milk. My pedi is out of town until our appt early in Jan ... will ask at that point, but am taking my prenatals as directed by my dr in the mean time and skipping the poly until she is older.
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  • All of the something-vi-sol's are known to give upset tummies. They are super sugary and full of artificial coloring and flavoring. There's always discussions of this on the breastfeeding board. 

    The research on iron supplementation is mixed, so I'm not comfortable adding additional iron to a LOs diet unless you know they're anemic. If you're breastfeeding, take a prenatal vitamin yourself and then the only thing your milk might be deficient in is vitamin D, especially at this time of year. Either take tons of D yourself, or give LO a vitamin D supplement of 400 IU. Instead of D-Vi-Sol with all the artificial crap, I use Ddrops brand for kids or babies. It's one drop of coconut oil and vitamin D (you put on a paci or your nipple and let baby suck for 30 seconds).

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  • Especially if you're BFing, I would recommend ditching the poly vi sol and just giving Carlson Baby D drops.  That poly vi sol is so disgusting.  We gave it to my first son once and his reaction was so terrible to the taste of it, and his tummy seemed so upset/he was so fussy that both my H and I FREAKED out that maybe we misread the dosage, then just both couldn't imagine giving it again.  I asked my pedi, and he confirmed that the only thing baby really needed, and the only thing that he and his pediatrician wife gave their own son was Baby D drops (vit D).

    ETA: And the one with iron?!  Did he say why he thought baby needed more iron?? 

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  • I'm really happy that you posted this. Just bought D drops for DS. I used tri-vi-sol for DD, which she tolerated the taste of better than poly-, but I just hated the smell of both that lingered on her breath, and all that artificial stuff bothers me.
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  • image StefandTodd:
    ETA: And the one with iron? Did he say why he thought baby needed more iron??

    I had already purchased tri vi sol and vit d before she was born but at her first appt she was 3 days old he told me to make sure the vitamin had iron. Not sure why, she's not anemic that we know of and I wasn't during pregnancy.

    I've been taking prenatals and am EBF her. It just bothers me how upset her tummy is after giving them. And it seems like its very difficult for her to swallow it... I've had to aspirate her mouth because of how thick her saliva has been!

    I'll prob just stick to the vitamin d drops and my prenatal.

    Thanks everyone!

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  • image muskiefan07:
    I'll prob just stick to the vitamin d drops and my prenatal. Thanks everyone!
    I think this is a good decision :)  Trust your mommy instincts!
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  • Milla is having an issue with it. I think since I take extra D myself I'm just going to stop it. She spits up way more when she takes it and is a little fussy. She is generally content, unless I give her the vi-sol. Talk to your pedi about it if you are worried, or just go with your gut.

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  • My ped recommends waiting until LO is 2-3 months. Perhaps stop it for a few weeks & then try again.
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  • My Dr said LO needed vitamin D, and she barely notices the drop. As far as I knew, only premies and anemic babies needed iron. Full term infants have sufficient iron stores for 6 months.
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  • Good to know! I got my dd some Tri vi sol but havent given her any yet. I was going to wait to talk to her pedi about it at her 2 week appt. I'm just as happy not giving it to her if there are other options (Im still taking my prenatal as well), that stuff is expensive!

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