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curious - car situation for moms of 3+

I have to try to get a minivan before this third baby is born because I don't have a car and my mom's is little. Does anyone not have a car big enough for all their kids? How do you manage?
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Re: curious - car situation for moms of 3+

  • unless you have 24/7 help that can stay w/ 1 or 2 of the kids, a minivan is a must in my book.  All the appts and stuff make getting out and about w/ all 3 essential!

  • We have a Honda pilot that fits all 3 plus our stuff. We've already gone to Disney world twice in it with all three. Our other car is a Lexus RX and it doesn't fit all three. Dh takes the big boys to school so he drives the RX and I get the pilot. On the weekends whoever has all three gets the pilot. 
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  • We were in a Toyota Matrix with the 2 kids just fine, but got a Toyota Sienna minivan in September in anticipation of DS3. 
  • I'm assuming your mom's car fits your two current kids, which means it has a back seat.  There are several narrow car seats (radian and combi coccoro come to mind) that can fit three across in most sedan's.  I can fit three seats across in our nissan versa, and our honda Civic.  We do have a minivan (because we have 5 kids) but we use the smaller cars when we have to take the kids different places.  I'd take your mom's car to the local babies r us and try out buying new seats for the car before I'd go car shopping.  $300-$600 for new seats beats $30,000 for a new van.
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  • I have a small sedan (Alfa Romero 164).  We switched out our car seats for the Eddie Bauer car seats and 3 fit across the back.  Have you looked into that option, or is your car just really, really small?
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  • We just traded in the Kia Sorento for the Chrysler Town and Country minivan.  I'm sure you can fit three, but for us, it would have meant buying all new carseats, still being uncomfortable, and not able to travel far from home (no room for luggage and the dog once we packed the kids gear!). 
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