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Trying to find a LT sub woes

Blech. So, I knew it would be hard to find a long term sub bc I teach in a Spanish Immersion elementary school, so I need someone who is an advanced Spanish speaker (more or less fluent) and is certified in either elementary or secondary Ed. I have had three interviews already, but nothing super stellar.  We thought we had a possible sub today, but I just got an email fom her saying that she doesn't want the position after all.  So now I am back to square one with no leads.  This is so stressful!  

Re: Trying to find a LT sub woes

  • Wow, I'm shocked that you have a say and get to interview subs. I have absolutely no say who will take over for me!
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  • image Teacher Clark:
    That is frustrating. It is also hard finding a sub who is credentialed and willing to teach my classes since I teach high school chemistry. Thankfully HR takes care of finding the subs. I'm a little surprised how many teachers are so actively involved in finding their own subs.

    this. It really shouldn't be your burden.

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  • This really shouldn't be your problem.  Your principal should be posting the position and interviewing candidates...just as he/she would if it was for a permanent position.  My principal asked me my opinion on the two candidates she narrowed it down to, but ultimately she made the decision as to which one she wanted to employ.
  • I teach kinder but am having a hard time finding a long term sub also.  Basically, my principal said it is up to me to decide who I want to sub for me...we are short on subs as it is and the one person I want to sub for me is one of only a handful of subs on our sub list.  My principal is not too thrilled taking this sub out of our sub pool to cover for me because then we don't have many other "good" subs to cover the every day things as they come up.  UGH!  I wish my principal would just hire someone and leave me out of it!!!  
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  • I don't know if I have really any say, but I may give my opinion anyway! As far as I know my principal hasn't had much luck finding one, so I'll probably talk to her about it when we go back next week. 

     Good luck! 

  • This isn't your problem, you need to pass this back up the chain.
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  • My principal told me back in August to start thinking of subs that we had in our pool to cover. We also are having a bit of a shortage of "good subs" this year, and there's only one woman that comes to mind. My principal said she would look into it, and I hope she has! I teach 6th grade English and this woman used to teach middle school English and would be perfect! But I agree...it so should not be the teacher's responsibility to figure this out!! I've thrown in my two cents now administration can take care of the rest!!


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