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Well it has been 1 week and 1 day since I started spotting/bleeding. I have been very emotional and just not real sure what to think. I notified MD office to schedule follow-up from ER visit and to have HCG levels rechecked. They dropped a major bomb.. It would be sometimes in the middle of January before they could see me. So therefore I went on the search for another MD. Contacted the MD that I had used with previous pregnancies and they got me in same day.. MD redrew HCG levels and I am scheduled to go back next week. I still do not have a diagnosis of miscarriage, but pretty sure I did. You ladies on here that have answered my posts have helped so much. I was truly distraught when I posted on here before. I am coming to terms with it. When I was at the ER my HCG levels were only 59 @ 5 weeks, which they would not tell me the exact number while I was there. This is a great place to come for support and compassion when you need it in the darker times in life. I am praying for all the ladies here that they will soon be able to have healthy pregnancies and experience the joys of motherhood.

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  • So sorry you are going through this. I had the same frustration and confusion during my last miscarriage, I spotted for at least a week and a half before I finally saw a doctor. She said I was probably miscarrying (at that time, I had started passing clumps of bright red), but said that they had to check my HCG levels to confirm it before something else could be done. That very night I passed it alone, with no help or sympathy from any doctors or nurses. The next day I told off a nurse or two (it felt great), and finally spoke to somebody who told me what to take for the pain (which was significantly less by that time). It's tough when you can't get any answers or advice because of some rigid process.

    This time, because I was further along, they were able to diagnose it with a quick ultrasound. I'm still waiting around, bleeding and cramping like a light period until Monday when my D&C is scheduled. 

    EDD 9/28/2011, lost our little girl (pre-e/iugr) on 6/13/11 @24w5d
    EDD 3/12/2013, natural miscarriage on 7/18/12 @6w2d
    EDD 8/01/2013, D&C scheduled for 12/31/12 @9w4d
  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. My pregnancy was confirmed on Monday November 26 and just 2 days later I started bleeding. I went to the ER and they ordered a sonogram which only showed a thickened uterus and that's when I knew, although it wasn't diagnosed for another week until I had 2 sets of HCG levels confirmed 48 hours apart. That was the worst week of my life because I knew I had lost it, but it wasn't confirmed and I wanted so bad to be wrong. I bled for exactly 4 weeks, it's just now stopping that my HCG level hit 10.5. Hang in there, most days I'm okay about everything, but of course there are terrible days.
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