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Baby falling asleep on us

I know my DD is still super young and it might not matter but she is only falling asleep on us. She almost always falls asleep while nursing and then I move her to the RnP or PnP but she almost never lays down awake and puts herself to sleep. Is it too early for me to be concerned about forming bad habits? I'm thinking it's just the skin to skin and the comfort of us that helps her sleep and she will grow out of it but I keep feeling bad every time she falls asleep on me or DH.  

Re: Baby falling asleep on us

  • It is way too early to start bad habits.  When they are that little, you are bonding with her and she gets to know who you and your DH are. 

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  • My little guy was like this as well. He has grown out of it to an extent. He certainly doesn't mind sleeping on his own most of the time. But he just a big cuddler in general..sooo its easier to get him to sleep when DH and i hold him. We are slowly trying to break the habit and its getting better for sure! Our little guy is 7 weeks today! GL!
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     Is it too early for me to be concerned about forming bad habits?

    Yes. Enjoy it now, because when they're older/busier, you'll miss it. Promise! 

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  • LO's can't form bad habits at such a young age.  My LO used to sleep on us all the time too when she was soooo tiny, now she's 6 months and I can't remember the last time she did! Enjoy it! :)
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  • Please stop worrying. She's 10 days old. She was cuddling w/ you for 9 months and now she is in the "big" world. Hold her. Cuddle her. Pretty much do whatever she needs. 

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  • My DS does the same thing and it used to worry me, but most of the more experienced moms have told me that it's not until like six months that they start developing the habits. But that's really just from their personal experiences.

    I am trying to get my DS to sleep in his RnP more, but I still love the one-on-one cuddle time :)

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  • Thank you all. This is exactly what I needed to hear. 
  • Oh My! your problem is just mine right now. My daughter only sleeps on my chest or hubby's chest . During day she sleeps fine in bouncy chair,crib and bassinet though. We had the same concerns about co sleeping safety & bad habits and were told its too early to form habits until 3 months.  Im glad im not the only one dealing with this issue. Let me know if you find the answer lol

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