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ever lost something and afraid dh will find out?

I can not find my zune music player. Dh got it for me as a gift a year ago and it costs around 175. I havent used it in a few months and assumed it was in computer room. On christmas he bought me a crazy cool speaker for it...i told him i need to charge it and keep forgetting...i looked today everywhere and cant find the darn thing! Wondering when i will have to tell sure he will be super disappointed.

Anybody ever lose something valuable from your dh and have to tell him?

Re: ever lost something and afraid dh will find out?

  • Do I miss place this and this dh will think im an airhead, sure.  Am I "afriad" of him finding out, no.  Why would I ever be afraid of my husbad? lol, I'm thinking afraid isn't what you meant. just teasing. :)  I lose my ipod often but it always shows up a few months later in random places.

     Curious, why is everyone taking off their rings? 

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  • Yes, I've recently lost one earring.  I took them both off and put them in my pocket at my chiropractic appointment.  Totally forgot I put them there & when I remembered there was only 1 in my pocket!!!! It was also my favorite pair of earrings.  I haven't mentioned it yet & am thinking of going to the jewelry store to see if I can order a single earring.

    To the PP saying, why would anyone be afraid of their DH?  It's not afraid as in terror!  It's afraid of him thinking you don't appreciate the gifts he got you & just disappointment in general (because you are disappointed in yourself for being so silly as to misplace or lose ANYTHING).  There are many other things going on behind the word "afraid" here other than the context you are bringing up. 


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  • I promise I was only teasing.  I read the subject line and my first thought was of someone huddled in the corner afraid of a big scary husband.  After I read the contents of the post I realized it wasn't that type of afraid.
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  • Every time I lose anything I definitely try to find it without DH knowing it was lost. I frequently misplace my cellphone and a few weeks ago DD ran off with my keys and I was just distraught.

    DH calls me Neville, like Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter, because I'm always losing things.

    I haven't ever lost my rings though.

    **scurries off to knock on wood**

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  • image Kimbus22:

    I've lost my wedding ring twice.  He didn't care. I was devastated.  I eventually found it both times though.

     Yuup. I took it off in the bathroom at Starbucks because I spilled my drink and my hands were all sticky. I still can't BELIEVE I left it in there... but I had driven almost all the way home before I realized what had happened. I had the absolutely worst, sick feeling as I rushed back for it.... Thank God it was still right where I'd left it on the sink! 

    I also lost our iPod once too... but it turned out to be at my mom's work.... we still can't figure out how it got there...........

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  • Light a candle for St. Anthony...he's never failed to help me find important lost things.

  • I have lost my lisences a total of 3 times. Every time I lose it I wait a few weeks before I buy a new one and the day after I buy one I find the damn lisence!
    I also lost my moms credit card when I was like 17. I skirted the questions of where it was for a week and finally fessed up. And then I found it after she cancelled it. I now realise why I should have told her when I noticed it was gone tho lol.
  • Yep, lots of times. He teases me constantly because I loose things for a while and freak out while I look for them. But today I have him! He lost his wedding ring while working in the garage!! (I've never misplaced mine) he has been looking for quite a while, I'm ready to just order him a new one (his old one is a bit loose, which is why he lost it in the first place), but he refuses to give up.

    is it terrible that I am having tons of fun teasing him about it?Smile

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