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They didn't give me my beignets

I'm on my way to my second job, and decided since I'll be outside I'll get cafe du monde for hot chocolate and beignets. Well they were out and had to make some so I was waiting patiently and other people ordered a lot often me. So the fresh beignets came out, and they forgot about me and gave them all to the people after me. I wish I could put a frowny face because I really want to cry

Re: They didn't give me my beignets

  • I would totally cry too :(  Did you complain and get them eventually?  You should have gotten them both immediately and for free.

    We had this once where a restaurant didn't bring out the food my FIL ordered (brought out for the other 8 people there) and then they brought what he ordered out to someone who ordered after us and told him they were all out.  When we complained, the owner/manager of the restaurant ran out of the building screaming "I can't take this anymore."  Uhm...if you can't satisfy the customers or at least do something about it, don't run a business....just sayin'.


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  • I would cry!  That's criminal.  I don't live in New Orleans anymore, but I love beignets and would eat them at every opportunity if they were actually available where I live.  

    I'm sorry :( 

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  • They offered me extra beniegts and hot chocolate. I told them no because I know I wouldn't finish them. But they have me 2 extra anyway
  • We just moved to Mobile AL and went to New Orleans a couple weeks ago, it seems like every time we go to cafe du monde something like that happens wich sucks cause it is sooooo damn good, especially on those rare cold days!!!!
  • I AM SO JEALOUS YOU GET TO LIVE IN NOLA! DH and I go there every year around Mardi Gras (but never during Mardi Gras) and it's my favorite place on Earth, but my MIL tells us all the time we're not allowed to move there because we'd be too far from any family. I can dream though. And I'd eat Cafe du Monde every day, and I'd cry too if I didn't get my beignets nice and hot!
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  • :((

    beignets are at Cafe du Monde are memorable... Another :( that just sucks! Now I'm craving beignets, New Orleans is 6 hours away. Hmmm... 

  • Haven't had any since the storm..but now I think I will go and get some today!
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