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3d ultrasound at 17 wks

Has anyone had a 3d ultrasound done at 17 weeks? Was it worth the money. Mine will cost 100. Were u able to get a gender prediction?

Re: 3d ultrasound at 17 wks

  • Thats pretty early for a 3D, its not going to be much to look at.  They typically use a standard 2D u/s for determining sex anyway.
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  • why can;t you wait until your a/s for gender reveal? and then get a 3D done when you're further along.. baby will look cuter
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  • My friends got me an early package as a surprise. I wouldn't have paid for it myself but I'll have mine at 16 weeks. 
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  • Personally, I would wait until you are further along to get a 3D u/s. If you are going to pay $100 to do it, waiting will at least give you better pictures. But I would also shop around if you are going to do it, $100 seems a little steep. When I had my elective u/s, it was only $60.

  • I would wait to get hte 3d when the baby is bigger nad the features are more prominent.  My u/s at 16 weeks had a 3D option and she took a few pictures with it to show us.  My baby just looked like a blob. 
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  • No, the elective place I went to wouldn't turn 3D on that early - they use 2D for the sex scan. 
  • I would wait until closer to 30w to do an elective u/s.  Baby will be chubby and cute at that point.  But if you have an anterior placenta, you might not want to since it gets in the way a lot.  we got one at 29w with DD and we didn't get many pictures because of my AP.  They only charged us half price though bc of it, so that was nice.
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  • I had my a/s at 18 wks, and everything was done in 2D because everything is clearer.  The tech offered 3D at the end, and it was just a blurry blob. 

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  • We had 3d/4d ultra sound at 16 weeks and we were able to find out the gender and it was very clear! Was worth it for us!!
  • We had a 3d ultrasound booked for 22 weeks but then after doing more research and reading other people's experiences, we decided to re-schedule for 27 weeks. Our 3d u/s will be $200.



  • We went in for an elective us at 16 weeks. They let us have a sneak peak of the us in 3d, but unfortunately LO was hiding behind my placenta and we couldn't see anything. 

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  • Lurking....

    I had a 3d with both my boys. With my first I had it done at 30wks(first picture). It was super cool because when he was born I could actually compare the u/s pic with a newb pic and it actually looked just like him. I did the 3d with my 2nd for sex determination at 18wks (2nd picture) because my DF works OOT and  was going to miss my scheduled appt. I definitely saw more than a blob and thought it was super cool to see him in 3d but it definitely didn't show the features as well as the 30wk u/s. All in all I think it was worth it though.  





  • I had a 3d at 17 weeks 1 day. I didn't ask for it, but my doctor does everything (he is the one that does the ultrasound, so he switched from the 2d to the 3d). It was AMAZING! I could see little one's face, and at first he had his hand over his eye. Then he put his hand down and opened his mouth several times... It was the first time I relaxed a little bit (I'm a little too worried about things... Guess that's normal). I knew baby was a boy beause my doctor told me at 13 weeks and said he was 100% sure. Anyway, if you can pay for it, I'd recommend it. :) 

  • I did it at 16 wks to find out gender. Out local 2d/3d ultra sound spa was only 89 for an early gender prediction its 2d. They just gave us a 3d sneak peak. We are Team pink! It was worth it to us only because we wanted to announce for Christmas otherwise I would have waited till my 20 Wk sono. Plus with an elective sono I got to do it in the evening at time that fit into my husbands hectic non predictable Work schedule. So far he hasn't been able to make to any appts accept my 12 Wk sono.
    So if it's something you your partner want to do GO FOR IT! I had an excellent experience clearly was able to see we were having a girl.

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