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bed share with my almost 3 yr old and baby on the!

we really don't want to bed share anymore but DD just gets up and comes into our bed every night and we let her in, because it's the only we get any sleep, or my husband has to sleep in her room next to her bed on the floor and he doesn't want to do that. 

we have another one on the way in April and i really would love any suggestions on how to get DD to sleep in her own bed now, i fear it's way too late! but i can't have DD there, when i will be getting  up to nurse and change the newborn, i don't want DD not to get her rest.


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Re: bed share with my almost 3 yr old and baby on the!

  • I haven't tried this personally but I read somewhere that you can try making DD a bed next to yours on floor.  When she comes in at night she can't into your bed, but she can sleep in her special bed.  Eventually they realize that it's more comfortable in their own bed and prefer to stay there but know they are welcome in your room.

    Alternatively could you try telling her that she can come in your bed after a certain time?  I just night weaned my son and we told him that he could have milk when the music came on (our alarm is set for 6:30).  After a couple of nights he stopped waking up and now sleeps until 7 or 8 most days.

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  • We got DD1 STTN in ther own bed about a month or so ago. She'll be 3 next month.

    She was STTN in her own bed until DD2 was born. Since then she's been getting up and sleeping in our bed. So around 10mths she'd been getting up.

    All I did (and it happened because I was already awake so it was easy) was to take DD back to her bed and to get into bed with her. Once she was well asleep, I went back to my own bed.

    It took two nights and she's STTN inher own bed since. Even when we went away and stayed in a hotel for a week. 

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  • When my daughter was 2 1/2 we started stickers on a calendar for the nights she stayed in her own bed.  We were going to do rewards too but the stickers were enough.  She would get very upset looking at the days without stickers!

    However, expect questions about why the baby gets to sleep in your room. 

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