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Not sure...

So, about a month ago my sonhe is four months old now started having runny, mucasy sto with a little blood in it. I took him to the doctor and he said it was most likely and since I breastfeed he gave me a list of stuff to stop eating: chocolate, tomato, corn, cabbage, melon, broccoli, and strawberry. I cut all of that from my dietincluding corn syrup, corn startch, ect for two weeks and his problems only got worse.

I did research and found dairy and soy to be the most common allergens to a baby. When I called the doctor back up they said to give up dairy in addition to the other stuff, so I did. I also gave up soy on my own since I read a lot of babies can be allergic to both.

That was two weeks ago and not much has changed. He started to get better for a couple daystill runny, but not as bad but then got worse. I have decided I do not like his doctorlong story, but he doesn't seem competent or knowledgable and am waiting for an appointment with a new doctor. In the mean time I am unsure of what to do. Everyone keeps telling me its nothing, just a cold or teething but I know something is wrong. He also spits up not a lot, but very often has been extra cranky this last month, has had a slight rash off and on since birth, and has always had a stuff nose. Does this sound like an allergy? Sorry this is so long I am just so unsure of what is going on, and just want my little guy to feel better! "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." John Lennon, "Beautiful Boy"

Re: Not sure...

  • That certainly sounds like it could be an allergy or intolerance. And I agree that your doc doesn't sound knowledgable on the subject. I would continue to cut out dairy and soy. My dd showed marked improvement 46 weeks after getting rid of her allergens. Our doc was also not the best source of info but was so great in other areas that we kept him and use the allergist and the internet! as our info for allergies.
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  • sounds like an allergy/intollerance.  Can you try avoiding the top 8?  it's tough but doable.  So no milk /soy /eggs /fish /shell fish /peanuts /tree nuts/ wheat.

    make sure you avoid caisein and whey since they are made from milk.

    Just make sure you are getting enough calories and fat.  Eat avocados often.

    Hope that helps. I would also make an appointment with a pedi GI. Seems like when there is blood in stool, they are most helpful.

    good luck!

  • Even though it has been two has only been two weeks. With dairy it took about a good month until I saw mood changes (she was extremely colicky) and probably another two weeks until DD2's stools were normal again. 

    Give it more time.

    I also agree with the pp about getting a pedi GI. Our family doctor didn't have a lot of knowledge with MSPI and when he referred us to a pedi GI, I showed her a picture of one of DD2's mucous stool diapers, with that and her sympoms she was able to make a diagnosis of MSPI. I started my diet and 6 weeks after I started we had a different baby.

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