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Diaper Brands Used?

Ok so I have a 2 1/2 year old and we always used Target diapers for her.  We swear by them and had great luck with them.  Now we have another on the way and my maternity leave will be 100% unpaid.  So I'm trying to do some stocking up before the baby is here.  I have found a great deal on Luvs diapers but have no experience with them.  Can anyone give me a review good or bad on Luvs? TIA 

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Re: Diaper Brands Used?

  • I personally hated luvs. They leaked for us. Every baby is different though. Pampers is the only one that worked for us when he was a little baby... Now we use huggies. Not worth the savings in my opinion...
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  • I also hated Luvs, and loved Huggies until I discovered Target diapers. Wish I would have discovered them sooner because they were awesome and a crap ton cheaper than the Huggies. I plan on using them again. Also, I have the Target Red Card, so I get 5% off my purchases, and I get coupons for their diapers pretty often.

  • Before CDing I've used Luvs, Costco, Target, Albertsons, Huggies, Pampers ect.... I loved Luvs.

    I also found that Huggies at Costco are cheaper than the costco brand most of the time.


  • Pampers all the way!!!!!
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  • For disposables, I prefer pampers, then luvs, and lastly huggies.

    Cloth diapers are a great way to save money too.
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  • When DD was young, we could only use sensitive dipes because she got so rashy. She blew out of every.single.brand of diaper we ever used, but she was an overeater. We used Pampers exclusively until about 4m.

    We tried Target dipes and I wasn't a big fan. I thought she smelled like pee all the time. We transitioned to Luvs exclusively by about 9m and I really love them. They are soft, they smell nice and keep the pee smell at bay, tey never leak. Granted, I don't have a heavy wetter; she hardly ever leaks out of a normal Luvs overnight when she sleeps for 12 hours, and never during the day. I know I like them better than Huggies, Seventh Gen and Target. I haven't used Pampers since the early days when she needed the sensitive ones, because they are wicked expensive.
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  • We used luvs and we tried them all. 
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  • We used luvs for a while. I liked them but, I didn't like the smell. Target brand are my favorite.
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  • When DD was a newborn I loved Huggies Natural or whatever they are called. They had that elastic across the back the seemed to help keep blowouts from going up her back. Pampers never worked for her. Kirkland brand are basically Huggies, and we buy whichever of those is cheaper at Costco now. I never tried Luvs.
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  • Luvs were the only diapers that worked for my DS1 - they were very absorbent and he didn't have any rashes or other breakouts while using them. I tried Huggies and Pampers on him, but both brands caused his skin to flare up with hives and rashes. The other babies that I cared for in my home had specific brands that worked best for them, but all were different. When I started caring for a baby who wore cloth diapers, I was so nervous, but his mom showed me how to do everything. We are definitely going to invest in cloth diapers this time!


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  • Ditto never trying Luvs.  I think my MIL buys Huggies for when DD goes to visit and I've never had a problem when I would pick her up.  I used Pampers in the early stages, until she didn't need to be changed every time she woke during the night (so maybe around 3 months?).  We switched to Target brand and I love them. 


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  • I've always heard people compare Luvs with Target brand, and they were definitely similar in my experience. The main difference is that Luvs have a baby powder smell which I didn't like.

    I used Luvs, Target, local grocery brands, pampers, and Huggies Little Swaddler/Little Movers - Huggies  have always been my favorite, plus they had a rewards program going.

    Pampers are actually my least favorite, for some reason. Then Luvs because of the smell.

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  • Pampers...Pampers...Pampers!!!  Hated Luvs!!!



  • I've never used Luvs and I've heard they are horrible for little babies. We used the pampers sensitive swaddlers for M until she was in 3s and then we stumbled on CVS brand diapers and they were amazing!! That is until, she started crawling around, then they leaked like crazy and we switched to Target ones.
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  • I personally hated luvs. I used mostly walmarts parent choice and pampers. Ive used target up and up as well as huggies.
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  • I swore by luvs with my daughter. They worked the best for her. I used pampers swaddlers when she was a newborn but thats because the hospital sent them home with us. They worked well for the time being but luvs is the brand my mom used for my sister (in 1994!) and I used them almost 100% of the time. If we weren't able to afford them at the time we used parent's choice (walmart brand) and those were a toss up. sometimes you could get a good pack, other times she would soak right through them. Huggies NEVER worked well for her. they never fit her right so she always leaked and they were just too expensive for us. I'd say buy a pack (or a few) of each and see which one works the best. Cloth diapers really seem like the way to go as far as absorbency and cost from what I have researched but they don't seem like they would be practical for us. I have a hard enough time keeping up on laundry as it is... Good Luck!


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  • We used Luvs with our youngest and they worked really well for us. Never had leak issues and I really like the smell of them. I absolutely HATE the Walmart brand diapers. They leaked all the time and if they even got the slightest bit wet they sagged as if the diaper was overly soaked. We will likely use Luvs again with this LO.
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