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STMs: body question

Ladies this is an odd question, but I'm currently at 32 weeks and wondering how much bigger the belly/rest of me will be getting. I only bought a few maternity items, and they are definitely getting put to good use, but if I'm going to be getting significantly bigger... I think I need to shop.
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Re: STMs: body question

  • Ps I know that baby will be putting on about 1/2 lb a week.
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  • I really don't think anyone can answer this for you, unfortunately. 
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  • Not a STM, but I only purchased 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants for the entire pregnancy and they still fit (I'm 37 weeks now). They obviously look different because of the way my belly has changed, but they still work. I think it really depends on you. Everyone's belly is different. I wouldn't go out and get stuff unless you absolutely have to. Save yourself some money!


  • I'm about 38 weeks and nothing fits! I'd get some more items...
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  • image empirerecords:
    Ps I know that baby will be putting on about 1/2 lb a week.

    It's typical for moms to start gaining about a pound a week. I've gotten significantly larger from week 32 to now [39 weeks] but I've made it work with just 1 pair of maternity pants and a few older shirts that I don't mind stretching out. 

  • I am one of those women that carries very large in the belly so I have to have different types/sizes of shirts to see me through to the end. By the end I will typically be wearing very loose size large shirts whereas I typically wear more form fitting styles in a medium for the first part of my pregnancy. I would wait and see what your body does before taking any purchases.

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  • LOL!  Good luck.  If you have to dress for work, I'd get some other items.  If you are at home, I'd wait or make do.  I've outgrown the belly of 80% of my shirts, but I don't need to be anywhere so I am saving $$. 

    Try to get some items on clearance if you want a few things for comfort.  


  • Its going to vary for every woman and every pregnancy.  With DD, I got significantly bigger all over during the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy.  A lot of it, aside from the belly growth, was due to some pretty significant swelling though.  A number of my maternity shirts are already beginning to get too short, and I know my number of wearable items is going to dwindle as I get further along.  I feel like I've got enough to get me through to the end though.  A lot of stores are having some pretty good clearance sales right now, so you could probably pick up a couple of items for pretty cheap if it would make you more comfortable.  Just remember that as you get bigger, your clothing that fits now may not be as comfortable for you, so it may be worth it to get a few things.
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    Here comes baby girl #2!
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  • Totally depends.

    With DD1, I didn't really need maternity clothes until around 30 weeks, then I got HUGE really fast (gained only 15 pounds, but all within that last 12 weeks - 9+ pounds of which was baby!)

    With DD2, I gained most of the weight (12 pounds) between 15-25 weeks, then didn't get much bigger.

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  • I wouldn't buy any more maternity clothes so late in your pregnancy.  You will most likely get bigger, but unless you're really uncomfortable, I would just work with what you have.  Good luck!
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  • I'm 32 weeks, and bought my maternity pants at around 26-ish weeks. The belly panels are now getting way too tight, and much to my dismay, they aren't fitting so well in the hips anymore, either. 

    I'll be looking for something on sale/clearance/consignment. I've heard rave reviews about maternity leggings, so I'll be trying those out.

    If you plan on having more kids, you can always hang on to your maternity clothes like you do sweaters and seasonal things. Or you can sell them to a consignment store. Just make sure you're comfortable without breaking the bank :) 

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  • I am almost 39 weeks & have been wearing the next size up in maternity for about 3 weeks now. I've gained a total of 35 lbs. all in the belly and still some of the larger shirts are getting pretty short-I refuse to buy any more maternity clothing though since I may only wear it a week or two at this point. It's annoying having to rotate the same 5 shirts or so, but what can ya do I suppose. I actually had a ton of maternity clothing but now the smaller sizes, the shirts are cutting it pretty close & I can't wear that in an office setting.


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