1st Trimester

Cautiously Intro-ing

I finally got a pretty strong BFP at 12dpo, so I guess it's time to move over from TTGP.  I got pregnant the first cycle post-Mirena and I have heard how difficult it is to sustain a pregnancy after an IUD, so I am trying to stay realistic.  This is baby #3 for me (DS 1-24-10, DD-7-8-11) and we announced with both of them before 8 weeks, but will probably (hopefully) wait until 12-14 weeks this time.  I'm not a shy person, so any more questions about me/ to me, feel free to ask.

12 dpo

ETA: picture for any fellow poas-aholics

DS born 1-24-2010, DD born 7-8-2011, DS2 born 9-5-2013

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