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Work Problems?

I am in a bit of a dilemma with my work. I currently work full time at a bank, and I am starting to become miserable there. My stress level is out of control. I do feel like I have been treated adversely ever since announcing my pregnancy to my management staff. My management staff has been going to my co-workers asking them if they know if I am coming back from maternity leave or not, instead of coming to me directly. There have been several comments made to me and only me, that are rude, and I feel as though they are just trying to get me to quit so they can get someone in to replace me sooner than they think I am leaving. (I have not officially told them I am not coming back, but I think they can speculate that I am not going to.)I am worried that they are going to "fire" me to get me out, when I have never had any written reprimands, or verbal for that matter. Financially, me and hubby are working super hard to get most of our controllable debt paid off before our LO gets here, which means I can't afford to be "fired" right now. I need to work at least a few more months and then after that it is what it is. My question is, have any of you felt adversely treated due to pregnancy and worried that you would lose your job because of it? Who did you speak to about it and what came of it? We have our reviews in January and I know they are going to say something to me about my "lack of enthusiasm lately" but honestly, when someone tells you you should feel bad when you went and hid at the possibility of a robber leaving them to get shot because even if it did kill your baby they wouldn't know it anyways" you kind of start to lose enthusiasm and not give two hoots about the crappy people you have to be around for 8 hours a day. & When you are rudely told you needed to "hurry up and log on because your manager wore jeans and didn't want anyone seeing her in them" 10 minutes before you are even allowed to be getting paid when nothing was said to anyone else, you kind of start to lose enthusiasm. I took on extra work assuming I was going to be getting a raise for it and received nothing. This extra work requires me to lift heavy coin boxes, and not once has anyone said anything about helping me with this, even after I have complained about not wanting to be lifting too much during my pregnancy. Also being told I can only take morning dr appointments, even if that means I have to wait longer to be seen because it "doesn't work with their schedules the best." These are only a few of the things that I have written down in a journal for documentation, but I just don't really know what to do or where to go from here. This place stresses me out for so many different reasons. I don't want to get to the point where I lose it and it causes problems with my pregnancy. So should I take control now and talk to someone about these issues? Should I just quit and try to make everything work financially? Thank you for your help! 
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Re: Work Problems?

  • Do you have an HR dept where you could discuss all of these concerns with someone?

    Are you planning on taking paid maternity leave and then not returning? They may just be looking at their staffing plan to determine how for in advance they'd need to bring in your replacement, but I agree that conversation should be with you, not your coworkers.

    I don't think you should quit, but you should find someone in HR or a manager with whom you can discuss why your work environment is difficult.

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  • We do have an HR department, but I am just so worried about going there because of "retaliation" from my manager if she was to find out I did go discuss certain things with them. I have my bachelors degree in HR, and I can see how she would feel that I jumped my "chain of command" but if my "chain of command" is where I am having issues I don't really feel comfortable talking to them about how they are making me feel like I work in a hostile environment. My plan is to tell them at least 2 months in advance that I will not be returning, not even taking maternity leave, as I plan on leaving at the latest, a month before my due date. I was hoping to tell them in January that my last day will be sometime mid March/ beginning of April, but I was advised not to do so because that will make it even more hostile for me. 
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  • I was also having issues at work a few weeks ago, it was a nightmare and I was ready to quit. I ended up talking with HR about what was being said to me and they were great! It was uncomfortable for a couple weeks after that, but now it is back to normal. I am really glad that I spoke with them and would recommend you do the same!
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  • I would skip HR and go to your local Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). I was very badly treated when I was pregnant with my son at my current job and going to HR made it worse. I did not know that in order to file with the EEOC, you had to make your complaint within 6 months of the incidents occurring. The only downside is that if they do an investigation, they will have to let your employer know. However, it has been my experience that HR will let your manager know as well. If you file with the EEOC, it is a federal agency and there is a greater chance of something getting done. Good luck!
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  • If you don't feel comfortable confronting your manager about the way you're being treated, absolutely go to HR.  Just from some of the little things you said, it sounds like they are really pushing the limits here, i.e. the making you log in before you can start being paid.  I don't know if you punch in and out or not, but legally they HAVE to pay you for time worked.  If that's a usual occurrence, not only are they treating you unfairly, they're violating Wage & Hour laws.  I think you definitely need to speak up, it's just a matter of who you speak to.  But regardless, they have to address it and if they don't, you might want to consider contacting the EEOC.

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