3rd Trimester

Serious weight gain!!?

Okay, so my pre pregnancy weight was I believe 140-145 and I'm about 5'6.  With 9 weeks to go I am weighing in at 185, YIKES!

I am not worried about the weight gain necessarily, I'm just worried that its an unhealthy amount of weight I'm putting on.

Just A WEEK ago, I was 181 at my OB visit, yesterday at the gym I weighed myself and I am 185, so thats 4lbs in a week, what the heck?!

I really dont understand this because in the last week in particular I have been moving all of our stuff into our new home, at the gym, and not eating as much due to how busy Ive been. 


Earlier In my pregnancy I was pretty inactive (I stay at home while DH works), I was sick a lot and didnt want to do much besides lay around and snack on sweet things.

Recently though, I have been eating healthier, staying active, etc.

My OB has yet to say she is concerned, but I AM, this seems like I crazy amount of weight and with "a pound a week" im supposed to be putting on this trimester, I'm going to be nearly 200lbs by the time LO arrives!



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Re: Serious weight gain!!?

  • Everyone gains at different times and even different amounts. I'm a pretty firm believer in your body will gain what it will gain, within reason of course. I had weeks and months where I didn't gain anything and then during my next check I was up 7 pounds. In these final weeks, I've been doing closer to 2 pounds per week and I blame myself a little with the holidays season and oh the cookies.

    If it helps, BFF gained 50 pounds with both pregnancies regardless of diet. With LO1 she kind of gave in and ate whatever she wanted but then with LO2 she was way more careful and healthy and still gained 50. 

    I have two weeks to go and I'm up 28 at my last appt. I feel like I've ballooned and would bet I'm up another 3 to 4 at my appt tomorrow. 

    Are you swelling at all? If so, this might have to do with the weight because fluid can be very heavy. I have a pretty constant state of swelling in my legs so I'm hopeful that at least a pound or two is simply fluid. 

  • I gained 11 pounds up until 38 weeks. In the last two weeks, I have gained 10.


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  • Another thing to remember is that not all scales are created equal. Your OB office and the fitness center could be off be a few pounds either way and come up with a major difference in weight even on the same day.
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  • I would try to shift your focus from your weight to how you are eating.

    My first pregnancy I ate terribly - lots of fast food, eating out, processed frozen convenience foods, etc. I packed on at least 40 lbs and it took a long time to lose it.

    With my second, I ate much healthier - very little processed junk or convenience foods. By focusing on what I needed to eat that day - protein, vegetables, fruit, some dairy - it helped me avoid eating things I shouldn't that have little to no nutritional value. I gained less weight even while indulging in ice cream and (homemade) sweets on occasion and lost weight quickly post-partum.

    So my advice would be to concentrate on eating nutrient dense, unprocessed foods and once you have eaten all that, if you still want a treat have it but either make it yourself or choose a high-quality treat like Haagen-Daaz.

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  • With my first DD I started at 120 and went to 205!!! One month after she was born I was down to 135. This pregnancy I started at 130 and am up by 35 lbs already. I wouldn't necessarily worry about it until after delivery. All pregnancies are different.
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  • image SarahRae85:
    Another thing to remember is that not all scales are created equal. Your OB office and the fitness center could be off be a few pounds either way and come up with a major difference in weight even on the same day.


    Yep. My scale at home says I've lost weight while I'm holding steady at the OBs office. 

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  • I've also gained a lot but the doctors never say anything.  If you are worried - ask at your next appointment!
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  • I gained 50 lbs with my first in spite of being fairly careful. I have a body that loves to hang onto fat. Your body will do what it wants to do unfortunately. Alternately, it could also be that you are retaining water which tends to happen towards the end. I was able to lies the weight after my first and have gained less so far with this one so doubt beat yourself up too much over it.

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  • PPs are right, as long as you are eating well and staying active, your body is just going to do what it's going to do.  With DD, i gained 50lbs, and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 3 months.  I'm on track to gain a little less with this one, but we'll see what the next 10 weeks bring.  It's totally normal to gain quite a bit in your last trimester.  Talk to your doc, but if she isnt concerned, dont let yourself worry about it.  The weight WILL come off.
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  • I gained 55-60 lbs with my last two, and my OB never mentioned anything. When I asked once, she just said that more weight gain meant more to lose later. 

    Ive gained a lot in the last 2 weeks also. I blame Christmas cookies and not having time to workout. My belly is also noticeably bigger, so maybe baby is having a growth spurt too.  

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