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who still haven't felt the baby?

Hi ladies i am going to be 17 weeks tomorrow and i don't think i have felt the baby. Also i was really sick at the start and still getting sick every now and then but i don't feel like i have a bump, like i saw posted today.  I really want that? So my question is ladies that are past 16 weeks, who havn't felt the baby and Is there anyone out there about this far along that feels like they don't have a bump either? Can wait to go to the dr. next thursday so hear everything is fine.
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Re: who still haven't felt the baby?

  • i dont really have a bump either, I am a few days behind you. I also havent felt the baby yet. At my last appt. my OB said that its okay that I havent started showing, itsmy first pregnancy and everyone starts at different times, She said I may be able to feel the baby between 18-20wks. but that also may vary.
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  • With DS1, I had an anterior placenta and didn't feel movement until 20ish weeks.  Hopefully you'll feel something soon!
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  • With my first pregnancy I didn't feel anything until around 18 weeks and even then I wasn't positive it as baby for about another week. I started showing sround 19 weeks. Don't let yourself worryalot of us are 2 pregnancies and things def seem to happen faster after your body has been through it before.
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  • I haven't felt anything yet either - I have an anterior placenta.  My bump is barely there and only really noticeable if I am wearing tight clothes to try and show it off 
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  • I feel twinges every now and then, but I don't think I really felt the baby yet. I also barely have a bump. I don't have my anatomy scan until Jan. 14 so I have a while to wait to make sure everything is okay. So I can relate to your worry.
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  • I'm a few weeks earlier than you, so I'm not expecting to feel anything quite yet but my sister didn't feel her first until after 18 weeks and she didn't start showing until 22 weeks. Try not to worry too much!

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    With DS1, I had an anterior placenta and didn't feel movement until 20ish weeks.  Hopefully you'll feel something soon!

    Ditto this except I was closer to 23 weeks. 

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  • No movement that I know of, although every once in a while I get these little itches inside, where I think baby is ... So, I'm hoping in the coming weeks I'll be able to feel shim more. But most say it can be around 20 weeks for your first, so try not to worry.
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    We lost our first (EDD 07/23/12) after finding out at 12 weeks there was no longer a heartbeat. Our rainbow was born 05/22/13 and was worth all we went through.

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  • I haven't really felt the baby yet and this is my 3rd(4th) pregnancy. Sometimes if a lay flat on my back or my right side and I press down a little I can feel a little movement but I haven't just been sitting there a feel any movement.  

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  • thank you so much ladies, you guys that told me your 1st pregnancy was like this, it makes me feel better. I am just a worrier and 5 weeks in between appt. is a long time. I have so happy i have you guys to bounce things off of
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  • I am 17 weeks, and a few days along with my first. 

    I have no bump, and I feel no movement yet.  I am not worried or concerned at all. Never mind everyone being different - every single pregnancy is different.  I have no real reason to believe anything is wrong, and if it were - there is nothing I can do about it anyway. 


  • With my first pregnancy I didn't feel the baby until about 18 weeks, and it was very light and she really didn't get going to the point where I could feel her daily until 22-24wks and I didn't start to show until 25wks.

    This time I am showing quite a bit at 16wks, I've felt a lot of things but I think it's just stretching, no flutters yet! 

    I wouldn't worry, it really is different for everyone.

    Proud babywearing, breastfeeding, vaccinating SAHM of 2U2!
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  • 14 weeks here and nothing, but that doesn't seem odd to me. With DD I didn't feel kicks until 18-19 weeks.
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  • You're still early, at 17 weeks, to feel the baby move.  Some mothers do, but others do not. I wouldn't worry.  I had an anterior placenta with DS1 and rarely felt him move. When I did feel a flutter, it was after 20 weeks
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  • The only symptoms that I have right now is a bump.  I'm just over 16 weeks and haven't felt Peanut yet.  I though the other day that I might have, but them I farted.  Still waiting for the movement as well.  Ones of the hardest waits is to feel the baby move.
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     I though the other day that I might have, but them I farted. .

    LMAO! So true.

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  • I may have felt the baby a couple times, but I'm not really convinced and I'm already 17w4d.  No real bump yet - some days it's bigger than others - probably still a ton of bloat!  I went to the doctor last week worried that everything wasn't ok, but it was...I hope to show soon as well and feel the baby move! 
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  • No No movement here either. And no bump.

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  • I could have sworn I felt what I thought were teeny tiny faint kicks last week.  I even thought I felt it again a few days later.  But nothing since.  I am rocking a bit of a bump, but this is my second. I didn't show last time until almost 20 weeks, but felt kicks (well really they were just feet or arms or something trying to escape out the side of my stomach) just before 18 weeks. So it could be a while before I feel anything really consistent.


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  • don't worry! I have a big bump but my coworker who is only 3 weeks behind me looks like she hasn't gained an ounce, everyone is different.  A lot of women don't feel anything until 20 or 22 weeks.
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  • I haven't felt the baby move yet, but I am finally starting to show. The bump is only obvious to friends and family though.
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  • Nothing yet that didn't turn out to be gas or poo.
  • With DS I didn't feel movement till about 18 or 19 weeks. That was about the time strangers started questioning if I was pregnant. I started wearing maternity clothes at 20.5 weeks and really popped then.
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  • I'm 16 weeks and haven't felt the baby, I read that most can't feel it until week 18-20 so hopefully you'll start feeling something soon.
  • I haven't felt anything just yet, but I'm still only 14 weeks, and I've got a little extra padding. The doctor said it could still be another month before I feel anything.
  • I'm 14 weeks with baby #2 and haven't felt anything.


    With DS I didn't feel anything until 18 weeks. The first time I felt it I wasn't sure what it was. The second time he kicked my keyboard tray in the exact same spot so it was obvious! After that I felt him fairly regularly at the same time of day until he got a little bigger and was VERY active. 

  • Yes!! My husband always tells me I look "so much less pregnant" than his co-worker due 2 weeks before us and I brush it off because she is farther ahead... but when I saw the bumps of ladies at 16 and 17 weeks, I was jealous!! I tried to show my sisters and mom my "bump" on Christmas and they were like, "No, actually you look like you've lost weight - are you eating enough?" Gah! I never felt sick, just tired, and no kicks yet...

    I finally just gave in a bought a $50 doppler so I don't go crazy feeling "not pregnant." Money well spent!

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  • I barely have a bump and no movement yet.  I went to the dr. right before Christmas though, and she said all is well.  I do have a little hard spot right below my belly button- it is not my abs. but it is really solid- dr. said that is the very top of my uterus (actually she said it really casually, and I started laughing in the office like a child).  

    I am with you- it is frustrating, but unless you have some other alarming symptoms, no bump and no movement at this point is not in itself a bad sign.  Good luck at the dr. next week!  Hopefully, you will get to hear the heartbeat; that always puts me at ease when I have no real outward pregnancy signs.  

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  • I haven't felt anything either.  I hope to feel something soon!

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  • With DS I didn't feel movement until exactly 20w and barely needed maternity clothes. I have been feeling this LO for about a week now. No worries,  you'll feel your LO soon enough!
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