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Our Christmas Discovery...

It is another boy!  We opened the letter on Christmas morning!!!  I could have put MONEY on a girl!  =)  I do feel guilty because I had gender disappointment at first.  However, I quickly got over it, and I'm so excited to have two sons so close in age and know that I have so much fun and adventure ahead of me!  And now, I'm planning the nursery on pinterest, a travel, airplane, oh, the places you'll go theme!  =)  

Oh, and opinions please.  The name we are thinking is Alexander John (We have a Nathaniel Max).  The middle names are from our grandfathers/other relatives.  The problem...I don't know that I want other kids, but Alexandra is my FAVORITE girl's name.  I've always said if I have a daughter, that's her name! However, there are other girls names we like such as Elena and Eleni but not other boy's names really.

So do we go for it now?  Who knows what the future will bring?  

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