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This is my first post, and I'm hoping that all of you can help me. I am presently in the military, and have been verbally told that I will be transferred to Nellis Air Force Base (just north of Las Vegas) for a one year training program beginning in August next year. I have twin 3 year olds (a boy and a girl) and a 10 year old going into the 6th grade, and they will all be transferring with me. Because it is such a short time that I will be there before school starts, and I have to be ready to work ASAP, I'm looking for any recommendations for places to live and thier proximity to a good school and daycare.

I love the Reggio Emilia school that my youngest two are presently at. Thier focus is on natural, play based development, with a lot of art and creativity. They have a garden, and have classes that the kids attend- spanish immersion (at the parents request), Gymnastics on Tuesdays, Ballet on Wednesdays, Music twice a week, Art three times a week, Sports on Fridays, and so forth. I'm looking for something similar in or around Las Vegas/ Henderson. I've already been warned that the Air Force Base isn't in the best of neighborhoods, and that I should consider living 15-25 minutes away. So, location isn't much of a factor, except that I'd like to move into an area that is family friendly, with access to good schools and kids (ages 9-13, for my oldest son) in the neighborhood. I've been trying to do research via the internet, but prefer to make decisions based on word of mouth.

I want a place that has lots of play, low student to teacher ration, nice toys (not broken or missing pieces), quality outdoor equipment, is clean. If there was a natural component (gardening, composting, etc) that would be a bonus. I'm looking for a place that will expose my children to new ideas and other cultures and experiences (nature walks, science experiements, fieldtrips, etc). No (or very few) practice worksheets and handouts- there is time enough for "school-work" later. They both love books and dress up and playing in their play kitchen.

 Any recommendations? What I don't want is a daycare that allows TV. I don't want them to have access to computers in excess (they get enough of that at home and with their older brother). Thanks!

Re: Good Pre-School/Daycares in Las Vegas/Henderson Area

  • We send our 4 month old to the UNLV (Pre-School | Development Center). They are amazing and have classes from 6 weeks to 5 year?s old. I can?t tell you how to pre-school program is because our daughter is only 4 months... but we love the center. They focus on teaching art, music, creativity, and academics. My 4 month old does up to 3 art projects a day in her (Sweet Pea?s Classroom). It would be probably a 30 min drive from Nellis? But it?s worth a second look.

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