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Hello everyone. We are looking for a little feedback on a name for our little girl, due in May. We actually just found out this Christmas morning that we are team pink and are expecting a girl. What do you think of these names? The middle name will be Alice, after my late Grandmother.





Evangeline (nickname Eva)

Evangelia (nickname Eva or Lia) . This is the Greek version. My husband is Greek.

  Thanks for your feedback. :)

Re: Feedback on girl names

  • My favorite from your list is Audrey, however, not with the mn Alice.

    My pick would be Evangelia.  It sounds great with Alice, has good nicknames, and has a connection to DH's background. 

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  • Elena - Like it.

    Elaina - Like it.

    Sophia - Love it!

    Audrey - Love it!

    Evangeline - Love it!

    Evangelia - Hate it!

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  • Thanks for the feedback so far, ladies! :)
  • I like Elaina Alice best, next Audrey, then Evangeline.
    Congrats and good luck choosing your name!
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  • image benmel31:
    My favorite from your list is Audrey, however, not with the mn Alice.My pick would be Evangelia. nbsp;It sounds great with Alice, has good nicknames, and has a connection to DH's background.nbsp;

    Exactly this.
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  • I don't like the first name ending with the same sound as the middle name starts with.  If you're set on Alice as a mn than I like Audrey or Evangeline.
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  • my favorite from your list is audrey, but i don't like it with alice.

    second choice is a tie, elena or sophia. 

  • With Alice, I agree that I don't like names that end with the same letter as the first letter of the MN. That would leave Audrey and Evangeline. Love both, but prefer Evangeline with Alice.
  • I'd go with Evangeline Alice.
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  • image benmel31:

    My pick would be Evangelia.  It sounds great with Alice, has good nicknames, and has a connection to DH's background. 

    This. I also like Evangeline.

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  • I actually love the name Evangelia.  Not thrilled with how it sounds with Alice, but I like that it's a family name.  I also like the Greek influence with Evangelia.
  • Elena: pretty

    Elaina: pretty, but I'm not sure if I like this spelling

    Sophia: love it; we might name ours this if she is a girl

    Audrey: not my style

    Evangeline: pretty

    Evangelia: okay, but I like Evangeline much better
  • Elaina Alice

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  • Audrey is my favorite name on your list.  I'm over Sophia, though it's a nice name, and the same goes for Elena/Elaina.  Never been a fan of Evangeline.
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  • I love the names Evangeline or Evangelia.  I love that she could have a more unusual first name with a more common nn (Eva).  I am pretty worn out of hearing Elena, Elaina, Sophia and Audrey, even though they are very nice names.

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