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Sleeping on stomach

LO sleeps so much better when sleeping on his stomach...we put him on his stomach sometimes if he's sleeping right beside us during the day. I just can't bring to do it during the night though bc if something happens, I would never be able to forgive myself. Do any of y'all have LO sleep on stomach? So many older people tell me that's how they raised their kids and they turned "just fine" and that I should just put him on his stomach.

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Re: Sleeping on stomach

  • DS sleeps only on his stomach but he has amazingly good neck control also and can pick his head up and move it all around so that made the decision easier for me. But stomach is the only way he will stay asleep! 

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  • Yes, I put her on her tummy, as my other two did as well. They sleep much better that way. I keep her on her back during the day, so her naps are generally shorter - but that way she learns days are for being awake and nights are for sleeping. I put them on their back at first, and I flipped DS and DD1 at one month... I flipped this LO sooner, around 2.5 weeks, and I was slightly nervous at first... but like you say others have said: my brother and I, and plenty of other babies, have slept that way for a long time before now and turned out just fine.
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  • She naps on her tummy sometimes, but we still do back at night.  Maybe once she gets better neck control and doesn't have reflux issues, I'll feel more comfortable letting her sleep that way at night.
  • Hallie sleeps in her swing for now but when we move her to crib I may put her on belly. She spits up quite a bit and chokes a little on it sometime. It scares me to think of leaving her on her back for that reason.

    Lots of children that I watch are tummy sleepers so I've always felt very comfortable with it. Like you saidmost of us were probably tummy sleepers and survived just fine..:P
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  • LO definitely sleeps much better on his tummy. I only do this though if he's laying right next to me on the couch or if he's on my chest. (I often put him on my chest after his last nighttime feeding so we can both get another hour of sleep.) The rest of the night he goes between his swing and his rock n play.

    By the time I'm ready to move him to his nursery, he'll be rolling over so I'll be fine putting him on his tummy to sleep.

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  • E is definitely a belly sleeper.  He falls asleep during tummy time every. single. time.  I let him sleep on his belly once he falls asleep during tummy time, but other than that he goes on his back.  

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  • I ONLY put him on his belly to sleep if he is on my chest. Dh naps with him belly to belly but only when i am there bc dh is afraid to crush him.Othherwise lo is swaddled on his back in his bassinet. His bassinet is a little slanted like a bouncer so he is propped up.Right now he is very mucusy bc we are all sick, so i prefer him to sleep on my chest with me propped up on a couple pillows. Lately its the only way any of us get any sleep!

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  • DD has been rolling from her back to side since birth. (The pedi at the hospital was shocked when she saw it). So I try to put her on her back but she usually rolls onto her side. Sometimes for naps I will put her on her stomach but only if I am going to watch her.

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