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AW: I have an Itty Bitty Baby

This morning was a bit of a clusterfluck including an expired RE referral, a forgotten wallet, and a sick me. But in true Xmas spirit, the day was redeemed by the incredible generosity and kindness of two amazing strangers, a pretty fabulous doctor, and a GREAT u/s Big Smile

Gestational Sac & yolk sac @ 5w4d - measure just about that. RE said I should be a very happy girl, and I AM. That's 3rd milestone in the bag!! (still a ways to go to the next one though...) I go back next week, hoping to see a heartbeat

He asked me how aggressive I want to be and I said VERY!! We of course continue with the Baby Aspirin, the Lovenox, and the upped progesterone of 400mg 2x a day. I watch this new doctor discuss with 2 other MD's (and MFM and the big head honcho of the clinic) about additional drugs, and they ruled one drug potential as absolutely unnecessary, but have added another one as precautionary. It's Medrol (?) which is apparently used for diabetes but also helps to suppress the auto-immune system. I'll be on it until 12w.

And, I can't wait for my mother to unwrap her gift tomorrow - especially since she's been trying to pawn off a hot-toddy on me to try and soothe my soar throat. DH & I decided no matter the outcome of this, this pregnancy deserves all the hub bub and excitement of a first, so we'll stick the picture of our little turtle egg in this, and wrap it with a pretty bow Big Smile


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BFP#3 5/28/12 CP @ 5w0d
BFP/WTF#4 10/26/12 CP
BFP#5 12/10/12 EDD 8/23/2013
<3 Baby Boy Born 8/22/13 <3
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Re: AW: I have an Itty Bitty Baby

  • Hooray!  Congrats on a great appt!  Hope you feel better soon!
  • Wonderful news!!! Congrats on a great U/S and lots and lots of best wishes for next week's U/S! 
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    BFP #4: 05/23/12, EDD: 01/31/12, Early MC at 5 wks

    RPL Workup: + LPD (7DPO Prog = 7.8, Endometrial Bx = out of phase)
    Elevated Alpha 2-glycoprotein IgA and antiphosphatidylserine IgM -->
    Hematologist said not to worry and no need for treatment!

    Dx: LPD
    Cycle #1(08/2012): Clomid 50 mg CD3-7, Ovidrel CD13 + Progesterone = It worked!
    BFP #5 on 09/10/12 (11 DPO). HCG #1 @ 14DPO = 131.6 HCG #2 @ 16DPO = 509
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  • Just still so happy to see this! I'm excited for your Mom tomorrow too!
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    We lost our first (EDD 07/23/12) after finding out at 12 weeks there was no longer a heartbeat. Our rainbow was born 05/22/13 and was worth all we went through.

    “So can you understand? Why I want a daughter while I’m still young? I wanna hold her hand and show her some beauty before all this damage is done. But if it’s too much to ask, it’s too much to ask … Then send me a son.” – Arcade Fire
  • Congrats on the wonderful u/s!

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    BFP # 2: 5/7/12, EDD 1/10/13, DS2 born 1/4/13

    BFP # 3: 11/8/13, EDD 7/17/14, mmc 10wks

  • That's great news! You must be on cloud 9. So happy for you!
    3 ectopic pregnancies (EDD's 1/30/12-tube removed, 6/2/12-methotrexate and 10/2/12-methotrexate)
    IVF and Natural FET resulted in BFN's and a hole in our wallets
    Natural BFP #4 on 9/7/12 gave us our miracle on 5/18/13
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  • Yay! Congrats! What a great holiday gift!
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  • This whole post makes me so happy from start to finish - except for you being sick and other crazy stuff that happened, but it sounds like that ended up working out ok.

    Congratulations on a perfect ultrasound and what sounds like an excellent care team!!!

    I hope your reveal tomorrow goes exactly how you hope. You deserve it!!

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    BFP#1 April 12, 2011, EDD December 24, 2011, strong heart beat at 7w3d, d&c at 10w6d
    BFP#2 Oct 24, 2011, natural miscarriage, EDD unknown
    After RPL testing my losses and subsequent infertility are considered unexplained.
    Cycle #22: Femara, TI, and progesterone = BFP!! 
    BFP#3 Dec 21, 2012. Beta #1 @14dpo = 134, progesterone 67.8. Beta #2 @ 17dpo = 664! Team green, EDD 9/1/13, healthy baby boy born 9/12/13!
    imageimage  My chart.

    Congratulations to the fabulous KGS2003! Her sweet boys are here! Grow boys grow!!!
  • Congrats!!! I'm so glad you're u/s went well, I have my FX that everything continues going smoothly for you :)
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  • So happy for you!

    BFP#1 11.9.10 (EDD 7.15.11) M/C 11.13.10 at 5W1D
    BFP#2 2.5.11 (EDD 10.15.11) DS born 9.28.11 due to Pre-E
    BFP#3 10.2.12 (EDD 6.12.13) MMC 11.24.12 at 11.5w, had passed in 7th week

    BFP#4 8.27.13 (EDD 5.6.14) Please come home with us, LO!


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  • Yes
    TTC since 4/28/07
    Diagnosed w/ endometriosis 12/2010 Laproscopic surgery & 6 months of Lupron
    BFP 12/17/2011,EDD 8/23/12,ectopic discovered 12/29/11 at 6 weeks recieved methotrexate
    Dec '12 HSG & ultrasound showed abnormalities & more endo. Laproscopic surgery in January '13 showed significant damage & scar tissue from Endo. IVF is our best shot to concieve our rainbow.

    June '13 Decided to go the adoption route!

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  • Kat. This just made my day!!! Congrats!!!
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    BFP 12/21/2011 -- CP 12/26/2011

    BFP 1/26/2012 -- CP 1/28/2012

    BFP 2/25/2012 EDD 11/03/12

    MMC: 4/16/12 at 11w2d -- Baby measured 10w3d -- D&C 4/19/2012

    BFP 6/15/2012 -- Suspected Ectopic 6/25/2012 -- MTX 7/03/2012

    BFP 11/22/2012 -- CP 11/24/2012

    BFP 12/31/2012 EDD 09/14/2013

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  • Thats so awesome Katharine!!!!! I'm so glad things are looking so good and that you've got an amazing team of doctors looking out for you and baby!!!! Congrats!!!

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    BFP #1: 12/2009 m/c 1/2010 BFP #2: 6/2010 m/c 8/2010

    BFP #3: 10/2011 ectopic 11/2011 (right tube removed, learned left tube was probably nonfunctional due to scar tissue from infection after m/c)

    3 failed IUIs, IVF #1: 18R, 12M, 10F, 3 poor quality 5d embryos transferred= BFP #4!!!!!

    Betas: 9dp5dt: 64 ~14dp5dt: 91 (expecting miscarriage, doubling time of 236 hours) ~16dp5dt: 200~18dp5dt: 500

    First Ultrasound at 6w2d revealed two sacs, only one with a heartbeat

    Laura Kate arrived after 42 weeks on August 14, 2013! Beautiful, healthy, and happy!

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  • Happy day! And looooove your gift for mom!

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    BFP #4 - 8/30/12. EDD 5/11/13. Our rainbow arrived a month early - 4/11/13. 

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    For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

  • Great news!  I'm sure your mom will be over the moon with her gift!
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  • Great news Katherine! So exciting!
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  • image hungryhippo:

    This whole post makes me so happy from start to finish - except for you being sick and other crazy stuff that happened, but it sounds like that ended up working out ok.

    Congratulations on a perfect ultrasound and what sounds like an excellent care team!!!

    I hope your reveal tomorrow goes exactly how you hope. You deserve it!!


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  • Congrats on a great appointment! Hope you feel better soon!

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  • ::lurking::
    Congrats, Kat! So excited for you! Wishing you a merry Christmas and an amazing new year:

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    BFP#1 9/25/12 | EDD 06/09/13 | HB of 152 on 10/25/12 we we're ecstatic!!!

    but then our LOs HB was lost, mm/c confirmed 10/30/12 | D&C 10/31/12

    BFP#2 02/01/13 | EDD 10/14/13 | HB of 162 at 8 weeks!

    Grow, little nugget, grow!

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  • I love this so, so much!!
    Miscarriage #1: November '11 at 10 weeks
    Miscarriage #2: March '12 at 8 weeks
    Miscarriage #3: (Twin A) August '12 at 6 weeks
    My rainbow was born April 1st, 2013
    Miscarriage #4: August '13 at 5 weeks
  • Fantastic news! Merry Christmas to you!

    BFP#1: 05/07/12, MC 05/13/12. BFP#2: 07/23/12, CP 07/28/12.
    8dpo progesterone = 5.8. Pom juice + progesterone = BFP#3: 10/15/12, EDD 6/27/13.
    Betas: 10dpo=29,14dpo=217, 24dpo=11835. HB at 5w4d=81bpm, 7w6d=154bpm!
    Great NT scan at 11w4d, HB=160bpm. A/S at 19w6d: We're team blue!
    Perfect baby boy born via unmedicated delivery on 6/10/13 at 37w4d.

  • Congrats on a great appt!!!!!

    Such exciting news.
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  • I'm so happy for your great news!
    BFP#1 11/25/11 EDD 08/09/12 MMC 01/30/12 D&C 02/01/12
    BFP#2 09/11/12 beta1=72 @13dpo beta2=160 @14dpo beta3=over 6000 @24dpo U/S @7w2dd hb=146bpm U/S @8w5d hb=159bpm U/S @12w hb=164bpm
    EDD 05/20/13
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  • Wonderful news!  Congrats!  
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    BFP #1: 1/10/12; EDD: 9/20/12, born too early on 5/7/12 (20w4d) due to IC/PTL/chorioamnionitis.
    BFP #2: 8/30/12; EDD: 5/9/13, emergency cerclage placed at 22w5d, dx cardiomyopathy, strict bed rest for 14 weeks. DD born at 39 weeks.

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  • This is fantabulous news! Congrats on a great appointment!
  • Aw! Yay!  I'm so excited for you!   Congrats! 

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    BFP #5 9/5/2013  Praying this is our rainbow!
    PGAL/PAL always welcome!

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  • I love this update!!!!
    08/18/2012 - BFP (Hoping this is our rainbow!)
    06/24/2012 - Loss confirmed at 12 weeks
    12/14/2010 - Loss baby girl at 20 weeks due to Turner Syndrome
    01/2009 - Chemical Pregnancy


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  • Yay congrats hun!! Hope you feel better soon!!

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    BFP#2 CP Sept 17th 2012 at 4.5 wks. EDD May 23 2013
    Oct '12 RPL testing: HSG discovered septum & abnormal right tube
    BFP#3 EDD June 24th 2013 (Beta@14dpo 100,Beta@17dpo 386,Beta@23dpo 5022)
    IT'S A GIRL♥ ♥
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  • Congrats. That's great news!
     TTC #1 since March 2011 
    BFP #1:8/3/12~~EDD 4/16/13~~blighted ovum w/ 2 gestational sacs~~Cytotec on 9/18/12
    BFP #2:12/21/12~~EDD 9/3/13~~Slow HB at 1st U/S~~MMC confirmed, Cytotec on 2/13/13
    Hysteroscopy & Polypectomy 6/13
    9/13, 10/13, 1/14: letrozole + trigger + TI = All BFNs
    3/14: letrozole/Bravelle/Menopur + trigger + IUI = BFN
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