August 2012 Moms

AW: Most relaxed Christmas evah!

This is the first Christmas that we are spending at home.  No extended family to drive us insane, no rushing here or there for Christmas get-togethers, no ridiculous dinners where people constantly interrupt each other and shout to be heard.  Instead, DH, Leo, my mom and I will be spending a nice Christmas Eve together at our house before my MIL joins us for Xmas lunch tomorrow (my FIL is working).  I LOVE IT.

Granted, on Thursday, we're getting Leo's four month shots before we drive two hours to my ILs where we will be spending four days with them and my BIL and his annoying wife, but for now, we'll be enjoying this nice low key Christmas.

And Leo's baptism yesterday went off without a hitch!  The pastor dumped a ton of water on his head but I think Leo thought he was just getting his hair washed.  When the pastor walked him around the church (to "introduce" him), Leo just checked everyone out.  Not one cry!  I'm such a proud momma.  Here is my cutie with his godparents.



***Siggy warning***

DX: Endometriosis and Anovulatory Cycles 3/09

Me and DH, both 34, married 6/11
Laparoscopy/Cystectomy 9/11
Clomid 50mg 10/11, BFN
Clomid 150 mg 11/11, BFP!
Leo Nicholas, due 8/18/12, born 8/21/12 via c-section

Trying for #2
Right Unilateral Salpingo-Oophrectomy, 2/14
Natural cycle 5/14, BFN
Clomid 50mg 6/14, BFN
Clomid 100 mg 7/14, BFN
Natural Cycle 8/14, waiting for RE appt on 9/5


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