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I Got Two Lines for Christmas

I'm not sure if a BFP post from a TTGP turned TTTCer turned Infertility poster is considered a drive by, but I'm hoping you ladies can indulge me.

After 18 months of negative pee sticks, 4 IUIs, thousands of $$ spent on injectibles and 1 round of IVF I have peed on things and gotten two lines.  My beta is on 12/26 and I am terrified and excited.

What We Did Differently:

IVF.  Our IVF cycle couldn't have gone better.  They retrieved 27 eggs,  19 of which fertilized and transferred 1 beautiful blast on 12/16 and froze 8 others.  

How I Told DH:

I peed on my first stick on Saturday morning.  It was a wondfo and there was an extremely faint line.  I did the same thing yesterday morning and saw it again.  We went into town (20 miles away from where we are right now) and bought a 3 pack of FRERs.  I got a legit BFP with a FRER.  Obviously I'm hoping that this is confirmed by my beta on Wednesday, but today I am pregnant!



Its hard to tell what is the pregnancy and what is the estrogen/progesterone supplements but I have sore boobs and an off tummy.

I got a ton of support when I was here for my first year before moving on to the other boards.  I wish you all a ton of luck.

Merry Christmas!! 


eta - after 18 months of being the bump this is my first PIP I've pulled off - and its still fing huge.  sorry ladies! 

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Dx: Annovulation, u/s dx of PCOS
HSG = all clear
February-March 2012: 50 mg clomid + trigger+ TI = BFN
April 2012: 100 mg clomid + trigger + IUI = BFN
May 2012: Follistim + triggger + IUI = BFN
June 2012: Benched due to cysts
July 2012: Follistim + trigger + TI = BFN
August 2012: Benched due to cysts
September 2012: Follistim + HCG trigger + IUI = BFN
October 2012: Benched due to cysts
November-December 2012: IVF #1 Stims start 11/30 27R 20M 19F. Transferred 1 amazing blast and froze 8. 12/23: BFP! Beta #1= 86 Beta #2=186 6 weeks 1 day saw h/b; u/s at 9 weeks 1 day, no h/b D&C 1/31 FET scheduled for April 2013


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