Fenugreek Help

Hey ladies,

To those of you that have taken Fenugreek please answer these questions for me.

1. How did you know when to increase your dose?

2. Once your milk supply increased did you continue the Fenugreek?

3. How long before you noticed an increase in supply?

Keeshia P.- Devoted Wife, Mother, & RN


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Re: Fenugreek Help

  • i used fenugreek when my lo was 6/7 months old because originally i had an oversupply and when i finally got it under control i thought i had an UNDER supply... which was not actually the case. why do you think you need it just curious?

    i started with half of what it said on the bottle, and increased until i smelled like maple syrup. everyone says this is when you have the right dosage.

    it took 2 or 3 days to notice a difference.

    i continued to take it but it ended up bothering my los tummy after a couple weeks so i discontinued use and had no problems with my supply afterward.


    nursing often is the best way to up your supply, fyi. plus drink lots of water! 

  • I used it to help my milk come in more when LO was a week old. I noticed a difference within 24 hours. My LO only takes one breast per feeding now and hardly ever empties it so I know there is a lot. I just started with the max dose on the bottle and am nervous to decrease it as we are just getting the hang of BFing. I could be wrong but I feel like it comes out faster for her since there is more which keeps her more interested in feeding.
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  • I EBF and I started pumping to increase my supply.  LO was getting very fussy at breast but seemed satisfied when he got expressed milk.  He also wasnt sleeping well because he kept waking up fussy, wanting to nurse.  The extra pumping has really helped but at certain points during the day he gets fussy at the breast and will nurse and take a bottle of expressed milk.  Also I will be returning to work and It takes me quite a while to get just a little bit out and I need to get more out in less time.
    Keeshia P.- Devoted Wife, Mother, & RN


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