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Elf Name... who comes up with this stuff??

Someone sent me this on FB and it made me giggle.  My elf name is Squeezy Floppy-Feet.  Mine sucks.  lol  What's yours?   Indifferent

First Name (use the first letter of your first name)

A- Perky       B- Nipper         C- Bubbles           D- Happy           E-Squeezy        
F-Sunny           G-Merry           H-Tootsie            I-Kringle             J-Puddin              K-Cookie         L-Tinker           M-Twinkle           N-Buddy            O-Elfie
P-Jingle          Q-Snowflake        R-Jolly             S-Elvis             T-Sugarplum
U-Peaches       V-Gingerbread                 W-Frisbee         X-Evergreen
Y-Pinky                  Z-Tinsel

Last Name (month you were born in)
Jan- Angel-Pants                        July- Superplum
Feb- Floppy-Feet                        Aug- Sugar-Socks
Mar- Plum-Pants                        Sep- Pickle-Pants
Apr- McJingles                           Oct- Sparkly-Toes
May- Peppermint                       Nov- Monkey-Buns
June- Toe-Bells                          Dec- Pointy-Toes

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Re: Elf Name... who comes up with this stuff??

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