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NBR: My FIL is...

A word that TB will not allow me to type.

Long story short, H's family Christmas was today and FIL is essentially an 2 year old and throws tantrums.

He literally pouted the entire time we opened gifts and made it really uncomfortable. They don't buy gifts for the kids, so he's always a little grumpy about it, but this year was unreasonable. We have offered to open gifts after everyone left, but MIL likes to see the kids open their gifts, so she always wants to stay.

I got some photos printed for MIL from our wedding and they didn't print the picture of her and FIL in that I ordered and it was too late to get a new one, so I didn't have one for the collage with family pictures for H's sisters, us and his parents so I had to put one in of just her and H from the wedding as a filler for the time being.

I explained why as MIL opened it and FIL threw a fit and refused to look at it because he was not in it and "you look like a single mom in it"

We got them a TV last year because theirs broke. They still haven't put it up. This year we bought FIL a pairof utility gloves with his favorite teams logo on it. He said, what no TV? And then grumbled that at least it was something he could use this year.

I'm so glad we do Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas with mine.

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