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Baby girl name help...

We are expecting our first baby- a girl in March. I never thought naming her would be so hard! My husband's name is Ryan, mine is Lesley so we thought we might combine our names and get Ryley. I'm not 100% surety at I love the spelling that way- others include Rylie, Rylee. We also like the name Addison. My middle name is Kaye. I've always liked the name Lucy (husband doesn't) so I thought maybe adding Lucille as a middle name. Here's what we've come up with so far:

Addison Ryley

Addison Rylee

Addison Rylie

Addyson Ryley

Addyson Rylee

Addyson Rylie 

Ryley Kaye

Rylie Kaye

Rylee Kaye

Ryley Lucille

Rylie Lucille

Rylee Lucille 


Any ideas and thoughts are appreciated! 

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