Dumb question?

I was just informed by my ob that no matter what, I will have to give birth to the twins in the operating room regardless if it's vaginally or a csection. I will then have to stay in the observation room for 45 minutes following either delivery before the wheel me back to my room. My H will also be the only one allowed in the OR with me which makes me sad because I really wanted someone to be able to get photos and im not going to ask my H to miss out on the experience because hes too busy working the camera. Why is this? And does this sound like normal procedure?

Also another question, I've heard some hospital procedure is that they tie your arms down during a csection. Did your hospital do this or do they not generally do this anymore?
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Re: Dumb question?

  • A lot of hospitals will have MoMs deliver in an operating room, even for a vaginal birth. This is because of the increased likelihood of having to change plans and perform a c-section. Everything is ready to go for them there. I had a c-section and my husband took pictures. He didn't miss anything and we got some awesome shots. :)

    I was NOT tied down during my c-section, and I would have requested not to be restrained. 

  • I had a c-section and was not tied down.I have had 2 c-sections.At different hospitals in different states and both my arms were free.I mean I had IV's and stuff hooked up to me.
  • Is it normal to have to stay in a separate observation room for 45 min after a vaginal delivery? This to me seems the most odd since a singleton birth wouldn't have to if birthed vaginally...? I mean if everything goes ok I really don't understand why I would have to be under observation that is so different than a singletons birth.
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  • My arms were strapped down for my c-section with my singleton and thank goodness they were.  The spinal meds made me shake a lot and it was probably better that they were strapped down so they weren't flailing around.  I'm sure they'll be strapped down again this time and as much as I don't like it I'm not going to fight it.  My c-section last time was not planned and because of that I was definitely in the 'do whatever is best for the baby' mode and just prayed and trusted in my doctors.  One of my nurses was able to take pics in the operating room so that my hubby didn't have to- just don't forget the camera!!  We were such a hot mess being taken to the operating room that we forgot the camera in my LDR room and had to send a nurse back for it!! Luckily she got there in time to get the good delivery room shots :)

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  • If I attempt a vaginal birth, I do not have to deliver in the OR... my MFM told me that if an emergency arises they will have time to wheel me down the hall and put in the spinal block in and have the babies out in no time.

    The 45 minutes seems very odd, never heard of that before to be honest...

    Also, my MFM told me that I will not have to have my arms restrained unless I would like for them to be - he also said I can choose the drape level but for both DH and I's sake, I think we'll leave it up - no need to push us towards passing out with all the other excitement going on.

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  • Complications are more likely with twins...not just during delivery but immediately pp too. Not all hospitals have the specific policies yours do, but they don't seem out of line to me. At least this way you can prepare mentally for what will take place.
    Just sounds like they believe in emergency preparedness as best as possible. If you can, try to see it as having every precaution taken to ensure a calm, safe delivery, not as a hindrance. GL!
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  • Not a dumb question at all. It totally depends on your doctor and your hospital. The whole time I was preg I was told I had to deliver in the OR. The Monday before I delivered H was breech so they said the wouldn't do a breech extractions. Wed morning when I was in labor the nurses told me they don't do breech extractions and either way I'd deliver in the OR. Once the doc came he said he'd do the breech extraction and I was in a regular room. It was crazy town but it worked out. I'd say depending on where you live do some research to see how other hospitals/doctors do it. I will say most do it in the OR because of liability. If something were to go wrong with baby b you'd be right there preped for an emergency c-section. Plus there is more space for all the staff. But in the end there is little in your control and you kinda pick your battles. GL
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    My arms were strapped down for my c-section with my singleton and thank goodness they were.  The spinal meds made me shake a lot and it was probably better that they were strapped down so they weren't flailing around. 

    This.  It was a good thing to have my arms strapped down.

    I did go to a recovery room but I don't remember how long.  I know I had to stay until the spinal wore off, not sure how long that took.  Since the babies were fine they were in there with me. 

    If I had been able to deliver vaginally it would've been in the OR per hospital policy.  Like PPs have said, in case an emergency arises you are already in there ready to go.

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  • I labored and pushed for 15 min in a regular room, then they wheeled me to OR to deliver. Only DH was allowed in the OR. We didn't get photos because I was weak from bedrest and he held my legs up for me the entire time. I honestly didn't want photos anyways, nms. They wheeled me back to my room right after OB stitched my episiotomy. So besides having to wait 45 min, all of those were standard for me.
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  • My OB and MFM are not all about the vag deliveries with twins and gave me a million "must haves" to have a vag delivery. Twin B was oblique and the boys had IUGR, so it was out of the question anyway. But, I assume they would have had me deliver in the OR. I wonder if the 45 minute thing is related to you being in an OR instead of a regular L&D room? I never had a regular L&D room. After my water broke, I was admitted to triage and taken straight back to the OR. After that, I went to the PACU for about an hour. So, my recovery area was the PACU, not a regular room. If that makes any sense...Maybe it is just about room assignments and available space. 

    I took a c/s prep class through the hospital and they specifically mentioned strapping my arms down. I was totally freaked about that part. But, I'm not even sure if they did! I never noticed. I didn't get the typical shakes that lots of women get, so it didn't seem to matter. DH was the only one in the room and that really was the best plan. There are a lot of people hanging out in there and anyone else would have been in the way. DH took pics of the boys being weighed and a nurse took pics of DH and me with the babies as they were finishing up. C-sections go really fast, so there wasn't really time for any additional photos until we were in the PACU.

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  • when I delivered I would have been in the OR for vaginal if I had progressed to that point. During my c/s my arms were tied down and it didn't bother me at all. 

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  • Sounds normal to me.  I had to deliver in the OR.  I was able to push for Baby A in my L&D room until she was almost out.  Then I was wheeled to the OR for her actual delivery and for the pushing and delivery of Baby B.  It was a good thing I was in the OR, too, because I hemorrhaged after delivering Baby B.  


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  • image JordynLeighx3:
    Is it normal to have to stay in a separate observation room for 45 min after a vaginal delivery? This to me seems the most odd since a singleton birth wouldn't have to if birthed vaginally...? I mean if everything goes ok I really don't understand why I would have to be under observation that is so different than a singletons birth.

    Sorry. Lurker here. When I had my single baby, they kept me in the delivery room for over an hour (I had a vaginal delivery, but I also had an almost 4th degree tear which took half an hour to stitch up). I had him at 11:31pm and I got to my pp room by 2am.

    Part of the reason they didn't move me until at least an hour after delivery is because my hospital is big on the first hour skin to skin bonding time. Babies are most alert right after delivery (up to about an hour after) and that's when breastfeeding can start getting established. 

    I think even if your hospital didn't do the 45 minute observation thing for a singleton, I think they would still do it for a twin delivery, because if it's vaginal, there is more strain than a singleton (you're pushing out two babies). Idk, just my thoughts.

    Hope that helped! 

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  • I was in an L&D room right up until it was time to push, then I went to the OR for the actual delivery. Like others said, it was in case we had to go to c-section or another emergency. And there was a lot more room for the two bassinets and NICU teams and everyone else who was in there.

    After I delivered I went back to the L&D room for about an hour. My epi wouldn't wear off and my leg was numb. I had Baby B with me and Baby A and DH went up to the NICU for that hour. After we were all set all 4 of us got to go to the regular maternity room for the rest of our stay. 

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  • The OR is routine from what I've heard. Yes, it's very cold and "medical" and not necessarily the birth experience one might want, but the reasoning behind it is that sometimes they need to do an emergency c-section for the second baby, and also twins have a greater risk of placental abruption in which case you'd definitely want to be in the OR so that you and or babies didn't suffer serious results from blood loss. At least that's what my OB told me.

    The doc told me that the tying the arms down thing is outdated and they don't do it anymore due to the risk of your injuring yourself. That being said, I wish they HAD tied my arms down because I was shaking so violently that my husband had to hold my arms down anyway which distracted him during the most important moment of our lives.

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  • I was also told that no matter what I would give birth in the OR.  However, if it was a vaginal birth then I could have more then 1 person in with me; they would just have to leave if I needed a c-section.  I had a c-section and H was able to take pictures and the nurses took pictures.  They had a sheet from my chest down so neither H nor I could see what they were doing but once they took the girls out they let him go over to the cribs and look at them, touch them, and take pictures.  Then they let him hold them and bring them to me so that I could give them a kiss and touch them (but not hold them) and they took pictures of him holding the babies and him showing them to me.  There is much less opportunity for pictures with a c-section anyway, so it worked out fine for him to be with me throughout the procedure, then taking pictures while they worked on sewing me up.  I was not tied down.

    I had to go to a recovery room for an hour.  I would ask if you're allowed to have to babies with you (barring complications) in the recovery room.  DD2 went right to the NICU, but DD1 was in the nursery until I went to my PP room.  Honestly I was really out of it because of the drugs they gave me, but I was very anxious to see her and hold her.  I wasn't allowed out of recovery until I could move my legs so I was trying really hard to move them.  Once they let me out they wheeled me through the NICU to see DD2 and then brought me to my PP room and brought DD1 right in to be with me.

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  • Based on my singleton C/S, my arms were tied down. I really didn't even think much about it to be honest. Only DH was in there with me. The nurse took a picture of him holding daughter and with the two of us and baby. I did go to observation after delivery. Probably there 30-45 minutes. Observation is routine after surgery (c/s) so it just might be there policy that anyone must transition from OR to observation before being released to their room.

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  • I agree w everything everyone has said...I am an ob nurse and my guess for the extra 45 min recovery even for a vag delivery is its a twin thing...your uterus is more stretched out due to two babies and you have a greater chance of hemorrhaging after delivery. If you Re in recovery room they can keep a closer eye on you
  • I delivered Vaginally in an OR.  Only DH was allowed in there, but he took pictures on his cell phone which was how I got to see what Baby A looked like since we couldn't stop to admire him..Baby B was heading on out.

    I got to carry the twins to the recovery room.  I'm not sure how long I was in there.  45 minutes might have been right.  Then we went to the regular post delivery hospital room. 

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