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Angry Pregnant Women?

Is anyone else an angry pregnant women?  I'm pi$$ed off at everything and everyone.  It's rather frustrating but I can't make myself snap out of it. :(
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Re: Angry Pregnant Women?

  • I hate everything. Like my husbands breathing and the noise my kid makes when he sucks his thumb. I'm over the edge most days...
  • Not really angry...but my patience is pretty much gone. I normally can handle a lot...did daycare for years with the under 2 crowd 8 of them in a 12x12 room. And now the littlest thing will make me wanna scream.
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  • I'm not perpetually angry - but I have been snapping for no real reason. 
  • I'm definitely less patient.  I think my students are appreciating Christmas break more this year. 

     I've been pretty good about apologizing when I snap at my students and my husband.

  • I also have been less patient. I almost snapped at an old lady who kept stopping in my way at the grocery store last night. She kept stopping at every aisle, blocking it with her cart to look down it, decide to keep going and stop at the next aisle. She did this 5 times before I had the space to get around her. I haven't really been angry though.
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  • Yeah I'm less patient but not "angry". I think I'm too excited to be angry about much of anything for any length of time.

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  • Annoying noises, especially at work have always gotten on my nerves, but now that I am pregnant it is way worse.  I wouldn't say I am "angry" but I am often very irritated with annoying people at work.
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  • I'm furious at everyone except my parents and a few friends right now. I want everyone to understand that I'm not just pregnant, I'm sick. If any of them had extreme heartburn, nausea, and fatigue, that would be classified as sick, wouldn't it?

    Yet my MIL calls and every time I tell her how I'm feeling she says dismissively "it won't last forever" or "just a few more weeks" (which she said 6 weeks ago!) and proceeds to bring up all the celebrities who got too fat when they were pregnant and to remind me not to gain too much weight. 

    My DH was perfectly understanding toward me until the double whammy of us moving and him getting some unfortunate career news. Now I feel like Public Enemy #1. When I throw up, although he looks concerned he keeps saying "don't force it" because he can hear me heaving and he thinks I'm FORCING it? I'm vomiting wrong? Seriously?

    I'm also angry at myself because I feel I should be more grateful. I AM grateful and thrilled to be pregnant, 1000%, but I've never been this sick for so long. I just wake up every single day dreading the day. Is it July yet? Ugh :(

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  • I find myself being very short with people. I hate having to repeat myself and I feel like I'm having to do that more often now (or maybe I just notice it more now). 

  • I have been very short...Like when an idiot parked in front of the gas station and wasn't getting gas. I started to say really loudly a few very horrible words. 
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