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Question uti and positive strep b

I had my bi weekly checkup Friday and thought everything was ok. Got a call today from a doctor on call for my dr. That my urine cane back positive for a uti and strep b. I am having a repeat c section. They are putting me on meds. From looking everywhere online it seems as though it should be ok as long as I get treated. Then I read risks that increase chance of baby contracting " developing a uti from step b". Is this only during labor? Any insight would be much appreciated!
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Re: Question uti and positive strep b

  • Surprisingly my Group B is so severe it was detected in my urine at 16 weeks. I was also told at this time that I had a UTI. The baby will be absolutely fine, esp. if you are planning a c-section because Group B only affects vaginally delivered babies. Do not panic, but try to be very careful of getting UTI's because every UTI you get ups the chances of baby getting cerebral palsy
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  • I would say you have nothing to worry about for 2 reasons. First they are giving you the antibiotics and secondly you are having a C Section so chances of contact with baby are slim.
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