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Wall Decals - Help with Sizes

I am confused about the sizes.

Small includes dots and circles sizes 2", 3" and 5". The name is 2".
Medium dots and circles measures 3", 4.5" and 7.5" and the name is 3.5".
Large dots and circles measures 4", 6" and 10.5" and the name is 4.5".

Which one should I get? It will go above the crib. I just want it to look nice but I have no idea what these sizes will translated into once it's on the wall. Help!

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Re: Wall Decals - Help with Sizes

  • I would base it on the size of his name. The measurements they gave for the name, I assume, is the height of each letter so it really depends on how long his name is but I'd say the bigger the better to fill up the space above the crib. The dots seem to be all separate decals so you can leave some out if the design starts to get too large.
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  • i would go with large.

    For perspective, I have these decals.... the lower case "l" in layla is 6" and the lower case "a" is 3 inches.  The capital L and J are 16".


    Also, have you looked on etsy?  I noticed the Large would cost you $84.  That seems like a lot.  Plus you will have a lot of work applying all those circles and dots.  Don't get me wrong, they are very cute, but just throwing something out there for you to consider.  My decals only cost  $33.



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  • Depends on how big the wall is.  Have you tried writing the name on notebook paper in the height/size and taping it to the wall for perspective.  I would lean towards the larger sizes.
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