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Tantrums Getting worse!

I've asked for help before, but now i'm begging, because we don't know what to do...i want to take her to a doctor and say "fix her she's broken" We only haver her on the weekends and i know that that contributes to her problems....and some of it is jealousy...when my fiance hugs me she tries to get him away from me...

Random things set her off for no reason...this morning i went to change her diaper and she started throwing a tantrum, so i took her to the bathroom so she could be without a diaper until she calmed down, but it wasn't working....i put her diaper on her and let her scream, ignoring the tantrum....she finally quit and she reached for me so i picked her up, and the tantrum started again...i immediately put her in her play pen (she gets aggressive with me and also tries to throw herself around)...i scratched her the other day because i was carrying her from her room to the living room and she kept trying to throw herself out of my arms onto the floor and she almost won....

I don't know what to do, it seems like random things set her off, like being taken out of the stroller, or being looked at. She's thrown fits over every little thing...and a lot of times no matter what we do or what we try....they last for hous on end.

I don't know what to do, but the stress from it is starting to get to me...and my fiance. It seems like everything we do is wrong and i've ran out of things to to try...we've tried diversion, we've tried "time outs", we've tried giving her choices (like putting her in the bathroom and saying either we stay here or we put a diaper on; it's your choice)....i don't know what to do....does anyone have anymore suggestions?


Re: Tantrums Getting worse!

  • I'm sorry you are going through this. My DD doesn't really throw tantrums too much anymore. A few months ago she started and when she would do it I would put her sitting on the floor in front of me, tell her no and then stare at her until she stopped. In 3 days she stopped.

    My mom said I threw horrible tantrums and she tried everything with me. One day she had had enough and so she laughed at me. She said I stopped, looked at her and then walked away almost like I was embarrassed and I never did it again.

    These methods may seem odd, but heck if you are desperate to try anything, you never know.

    Good luck!!
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  • How old is she?

    My DD is very strong willed...some days she will throw tantrums over every little thing...she went thru the thrashing and throwing herself around stage...she fell once and that stopped that. She still has fits...she hates to get in her carseat so she will scream and fight me...then of course she flips out when i go to take her out of the seat...I think its just part of being a toddler and trying exert your independance. I just walk away from her when its really bad. Also not sure on your situation but Im assuming she is hid child from a previous relationship?

    My best friend was in a similar situation and they found out that her mom was telling her stuff about my best friend so of course the kid would act crazy when she came to visit.

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  • Wish i could help. i am in the same boat with my little one. she throws them so bad that she makes herself sick and today it looked like she was trying to make herself sick. I feel your pain, I am right there with you on the stressed out thing. I ignore her, if we are home I leave her in the room where she is and walk away. I try not to give in to her but I am afraid of her getting sick. She does alot better with my husband when she is having a tantrum. All I can say is just walk away if it gets bad, it at least helps me when I do.
  • This sounds like a child who is not getting enough positive attention. I don't have a ton of advice because you only have her on the weekends. How old is she? Does she have a routine? Children like to know what to expect and it may be especially beneficial considering your situation. You may try taking her to the pedi as well. The doctor may have some advice. Who keeps her during the week? What kind of routine is she on? Do these tantrums happen then as well?

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