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Argh! Holiday family craziness already

My niece was complaining at the party last night that she was really tired. Turns out that my SIL let her stay up until 6am to help her wrap presents (yes that is AM). My niece is 10 yo! When we returned from the party they take her temp and she is running a 102 fever. Here's to hoping DH, DS and I don't get it. We will be spending the better part of a week with them. Crying
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Re: Argh! Holiday family craziness already

  • Wowzers 6am??

    Our six year old is allowed to stay up on saturday nights and watch movies. He is out cold by 10.

    I hope you guys dont get sick
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  • Hoping nobody else gets sick and that your niece gets better quickly!

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  • I hope you're blessed with a peaceful holiday going forward and that nobody else gets sick. 

    Know that we're diving head first into the same holiday mess first thing tomorrow morning. If you're a praying woman, pray for me  :) 

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  • My niece is feeling better but my SIL is sick now. we arrived back home today so now we are just keeping our fingers crossed that we are not going to come down with it. The thing about my niece staying up all night is just crazy! Hope you all had a good time!
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