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4cm!!! Advice!

Hey Ladies, 

 I went for my first internal exam on Friday and the doctor made a comment about how I am going to go into labor soon. I was like 'duh' in the next three weeks. He was like 'no, in a few days.' He then told me that I was 4cm. I was like OMG I am shocked and he was like so am I, and so was the nurse! lol! He didn't tell me how much effaced I was and at the time I forgot to ask. (I was freaking a little thinking he was going to tell me to go to the hospital right then and there). 

When I wiped a couple of times, I had a mucus discharge on Saturday and I noticed I dropped. I know, TMI. I am a FTM and I was wondering other women's experiences about being 4cm and when they had their babies. 

 Thanks!!! and Happy Holidays.  

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Re: 4cm!!! Advice!

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