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I had my d&c a little over a week ago on 12-12-12. doc said absolutely nothing goes down there for 2-3 weeks. Only problem is my hormones are going crazy and I hate having to wait....lol I know this is a crazy post but has anyone experienced this? How long did you have to wait?
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Re: d&c aftermath

  • Our doctor told us two weeks.  I only barely stopped spotting by then.  And honestly, I wouldn't have been emotionally ready before then anyway.   As it was, I still cried the first time we were intimate.    Since then I've been okay though.   The doctor told us to use condoms or other birth control at least until we go back for our follow-up next month....and honestly, condoms are horrible....
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  • My bleeding seems to have stopped but it comes and goes....very strange and annoying because I am having to wear a pad every day.....I know the first time will be emotional i guess i want to get that over with....lol.....my emotions are still so raw....I heard the christmas song, a baby changes everything, beautiful song but oh so sad...i was at work and burst out crying.
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  • The first time will be emotional no matter how long you wait.  For H and I, it was really important to re-establish physical intimacy with each other.

    And yeah, Christmas songs about babies are hard to listen to right now. 

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  • I feel the same way.  Usually I have no sex drive (poor DH), but my mc was a little over a week ago and I'm dying to be intimate with him again.  I started spotting again today though, so that sucks :(  Doctor didn't tell me to wait, but my body is I guess.   

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  • Next week is one month and I am basically in no frame of mind to think about it. I feel bad for him but I am just in a different place. I wish I wasn't but I am.
  • Your dr. Wants you to wait to prevent infection to your uterus by foreign objects going in sex, tampons, water, etc. I was very diligent about waiting because after all of this I didn't want to risk hurting my uterus in any way.

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    Your dr. Wants you to wait to prevent infection to your uterus by foreign objects going in sex, tampons, water, etc. I was very diligent about waiting because after all of this I didn't want to risk hurting my uterus in any way.

    That's why I am waiting :) Just tired of not being in control.

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  • We were told no sex for 4 weeks. It totally sucks. I was surprised that I actually want to be intimate but my DH has been so wonderful through this whole process that I think that is why.

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  • We haven't had sex since we conceived! It's been 6-7 weeks. After we conceived, DH was out on business for a week, then we moved to a new home, then had family visiting, then had my dr put me in pelvic rest, then the mc. I'm dying here - keep having wet dreams. Definitely having a hard time, especially since I've been so emotional lately and wanting that physical connection. I had my d&c Friday and they said 2 weeks

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  • Umm i was cleared at 3 weeks post...but i bled for 10 weeks . We did the deed at 11 weeks post
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