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Dr said no need to count kicks?

I like my dr, but I am always the one trying to pull information out of her. All along I've read about starting to do a kick count around 28 weeks. Well, at my 28 week appt. when I brought it up she said there was no need to do it unless I was worried about it. Anyone else's dr. say something similar? Or feel like they really aren't given info unless they ask first? 


Re: Dr said no need to count kicks?

  • I've never been told to do kick counts, and my midwife responded the same way when I asked.
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  • My doc never mentioned kick counts, last time or this time.
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  • Why would you want to?

    I've never been told to do them and have only heard to monitor it if something is not quite right, like if you fell or something. 

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  • My doctor said the same thing. He said that I could do them if I wasn't feeling a lot of movement and was worried about baby, but he wasn't going to demand I do them.
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  • It was never mentioned during my last pregnancy.  I don't think it's a routine eeryone-should-do-it thing, it's more if there's a specific issue that requires it.  I'm always asked if I'm feeling regular movement by the MWs, but there's no x kicks per y time requirement.

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  • My doctor said to start kick counts.  10 kicks within 2 hours.  I haven't done it religiously but it is interesting to note.  I don't seem to feel as much movement when I'm running around a lot.  I've heard that's because my movement "rocks the baby to sleep!" 


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  • I asked my doctor about it during my first pregnancy and she said that as long as I feel the baby move regularly then it's fine. She said there was no reason to obsess over it since baby's movement can be unpredictable sometimes. This LO kicks constantly though so I'm not worried.

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  • I did them with DS1 because I sat at a desk and could really monitor it. My doctor mentioned it but was not super concerned with it.

    With DS2 and this baby I'm a SAHM and honestly don't even think too much about the baby until night time when I relax with DH.  I mainly feel him/her move then.

    Do them if it eases your mind but as long as you feel the baby move everyday things should be fine.  You will start to notice a pattern of movement for the most part, but even that varies.

    If you don't feel them move and want to, drink orange juice and lay on your left side.  They should get going.

    I've been to triage for lack of movement and I wasn't the first or the last!! Good luck!! 

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  • My doctor also never mentioned with with my first or this one. She makes a point in asking if he is moving plenty and of course, to call if I notice a decrease of movement.


  • My doctor never mentioned this with my first, and hasn't mentioned it this time around either. Honestly I think it would just be a waste of time and might make you worry more if your baby is having a lazy day.
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  • My dr said the same exact thing and I'm high risk. She said I don't need to do then daily but if I feel like LO is moving less than I can do it.
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  • I just had my 28 week appointment, and my OB did not tell me to do kick counts.  She asked if baby was active, and I said, yes, very, and that was the end of the conversation.
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  • image CBomback:
    I just had my 28 week appointment, and my OB did not tell me to do kick counts.  She asked if baby was active, and I said, yes, very, and that was the end of the conversation.

    I basically had the exact same experience on Friday.  I think What to Expect is one of the books that makes a big deal out of kick counts, and although I've read it and do refer to it as a resource, several of my mom friends think the advice in there goes way overboard in general.   If you really feel like she rushes through the appointment and doesn't answer questions or take the time to help you feel prepared for what's going to happen, I think that is something to think about, in terms of whether you want a different doctor

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  • From what I've heard, they don't typically ask you to do kick counts unless you are high risk. Unless it will give you peace of mind I wouldn't worry about it. I know for me if I were to do it, it would probably stress me out more.

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  • My doctor hasn't mentioned anything about monitoring.  She does ask if baby has been active at my appointments.
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  • I've never heard of doing kick counts on a regular basis. They're usually only recommended if you are worried because you're feeling no movement.
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  • Dr. has never told me to do kick counts in either pregnancy. He does ask how I'm feeling and if LO has been moving around a lot.

    I think that counting kicks when you don't have to is a recipe for paranoia.

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  • My OB gave me paperwork on how to do kick counts at my 24 week appointment. Said to start counting at 28 weeks. I think if you feel LO move a lot in the morning then no need to do it, but if you have a slow day, then maybe. There are apps for phones that can help you keep track if you want. I enjoy doing the kick counts and trying to figure out her most active times.
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  • My doctor is pretty thorough but unless I have questions that pertain to extra reading I've done or what not... I have to ask. Not for the big things but any extra things like that of course not extra if there is a problem or worry
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  • I asked last pregnancy and they said there's no need. When I have my appts they do ask if I feel baby.
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  • I'm considered high risk because of the GD and the doctor said to start doing them. I've been tracking a little more than a week thanks to an App on my itouch. She's pretty active after dinner - about 10 in an hour was the goal I was told and if not, they said to call Labor and Delivery. First time was a little difficult because I didn't do it right after I ate and I think she went to sleep. :)
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  • With my first child they gave me all this information about kick counting- I think it was 10 kicks in an hour morning and night.  He only kicked 8 times one morning and I called them freaking out.  They told me that as long as his movement was normal for him to not worry about anything.  They no longer do kick counts and ask at every appointment if you feel kicks regularly yet.  As soon as you do they tell you that if anything doesn't feel right or is off his/ her schedule to drink OJ, rest, and call them if baby doesn't pick up.  This baby would fail the 10 kick count morning and night every day because it's not active then and even when it is active it's not overly active.
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  • I think its pretty normal for healthy pregnancies to not be told to do kick counts.  The only time I've been told to do them between both pregnancies is when I was sick a couple weeks ago and called because I was having some contractions.
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