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Im having my first baby at St.Johns Mercy at the end of jan and im trying to find a good pediatrician but would like to just stay at mercy since i love my doctor and the hospital. Anyone recomend someone from there?
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Re: Mercy's pediatrician

  • We have Dr Megan McBride and we LOVE her, I can't say enough great things about her.  She literally saved our sons life!  I love how they have a well waiting room and a sick waiting room and you have same day sick appts.  


    Her office is in Fenton but she is affiliated with St. Johns.  She is actually also due at the end of Jan so she will be on Maternity leave in Feb (bummer I know) but believe me, she is worth the wait :)  While she is on maternity leave you can see one of the other dr's in the office, but she is def worth checking into.  We drive over an hour to see her, and she's def worth it :)

    GL in finding a pedi.  I know we personally went through about 4-5 before we found her!  

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  • Thank you! Ill def check in to her because i have no idea who im going to go with yet haha.
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  • We love Dr. Jennifer Arter at Bluefish Pediatrics. It's across from West County Mall at Manchester and Ballas. They are part of the Mercy network. We love the practice and don't have any complaints. I set up an "interview" before LO was born and spent about 20 minutes meeting with Dr. Arter prior to his birth and that was great to get a good feel for her and her philosophy and bedside manner. Any of the 4 doctors in the practice offer that and I'd recommend taking them up on it.
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