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You are seriously adorable! We got your christmas card today. First off, you have such a BEAUTIFUL family! You are truly blessed. Second, DH got the mail today and asked who is "your last name"? I told him it was Becca from the bump and he goes "wow, she is festive!" We loved how you drew a snowman on the outside of the card, haha. It was very cute!

I loved getting cards from all of the September mamas who sent them. You ladies all rock! Smile

Re: Becca!

  • Haha! Yes snail mail still works!!

    I had to make the outside festive because I forgot to write mushy holiday sentiments on the inside.

    Tell your H thanks for the input on cream sauce for our fish tacos! I look forward to getting your card! I hope you have a warm and relaxing holiday!

    I have a confession! I was bummed when I got a few bumpies' Christmas card that did not have pictures! I got a few that did and showed my H! See they are awesome!!!! And real!
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  • You guys won't get a picture from usSad We ordered ours late so they didn't come in time and I didn't want to be a bad bumpie and not send them in time. But since you won't get one in the's our card.

    I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and feel better soon!
  • OMG!!! Look at C's smile!!!!!! And his vest! That is too cute mama!

    Thank you for the shout out and well wishes!

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  • I thought the same thing about the non photo cards Becca!! I can't wait to check the mail and see if we got yours! Mine will be on there way soon. Probably wont arrive until after Christmas, sorry!!


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