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Bleeding for 6 weeks, looking for reassurance

On November 9th I left the ER with a threatened miscarriage diagnosis, and the following day began bleeding pretty heavily so I was pretty sure I was miscarring. I had a few blood draws which showed my hcg levels were slowly rising, so my doctor sent me for an ultrasound on November 29th. The ultrasound showed no change from the one I had in the ER on 9th. Between that time I had moderate bleeding, a few days of spotting, and back to moderate bleeding. On December 8th I passed a very large amount of tissue and was actually feeling a little relieved as I thought that would be the end. Well I'm still bleeding, it's moderate to light, and usually dark brown.

My doctor tells me I shouldn't be bleeding anymore, but then goes on to says that as long as I'm feeling okay which I am there's no reason I need to have a dc which I would like to avoid. So I guess I'm just looking for reassurance. Has anyone experienced bleeding for this long? Is this normal? Show I go see another doctor? I feel completely fine, no cramping, just the constant annoyance of always bleeding, and not really being able to move on from this.

Edit to add I was 7w5d at the ER visit, but ultrasound was showing an empty sac

Re: Bleeding for 6 weeks, looking for reassurance

  • Have they checked your HCG since or done an ultrasound to confirm everything passed? Is the bleeding moderate-heavy or just spotting? Light bleeding or spotting that continues for up to 4-6 weeks is not unheard of, but if you have not been cleared based on negative HCG or an ultrasound showing you've passed all the tissue I would ask to schedule one or the other. Leftover tissue can break down over time and potentially cause infection if not removed. 

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  • I have not gone for a repeat blood draw since the ultrasound. I have an appointment on Monday though.

    The bleeding is at most moderate to very light.
  • I'm just being honest, I don't believe bleeding for 6 weeks is normal or healthy.

    But November 9th is just two weeks ago. That's when I had my miscarriage and I stopped bleeding about 4 days ago and stopped spotting yesterday. I took misoprostol/cytotec to help my miscarriage progress because I wanted it to be over ASAP.

    My doctor told me I should stop bleeding before I hit two weeks. I'm pretty sure if bleeding continues beyond 2 weeks (not just spotting) that it  could mean you haven't passed all of the tissues. This  could cause an infection so it's probably best to see your doctor and ask for an ultrasound. I'd hope your doctor would understand that you just want this to be over.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

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  • I bleed for ten weeks straight but my levels didnt drop to 0 till the 9th week.

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    I bleed for ten weeks straight but my levels didnt drop to 0 till the 9th week.

    Thank you, that makes me feel better!
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