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How soon after LO started trying to walk.... repost from 9-12

How soon after your LO started trying to walk on their own did they actually take their first steps? My LO has stood briefly on his own and tried to move forward on his own, but noise dived, does this mean he is close to actually steps? He walks with us hold one of his hands and cruises. I'm probably getting excited for no reason, bu tI thought I'd ask. My son is 8 months and has been crawling and pulling up since 6 months.

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Re: How soon after LO started trying to walk.... repost from 9-12

  • A friend of mine's daughter started walking at 8 months, it was crazy to watch such a little baby do that!

    DS started cruising pretty early, around 7 months, but he didn't take his first unassisted steps until about 10 months and wasn't full on walking until 11.5 months.

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  • Pulling up and cruising at 6 months, first steps at 8 months, and full on walking by 9 months.

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  • My DD took her first steps at 9 months to the day! As soon as she had good balance standing on her own I coaxed her with a lollypop Embarrassed It started with 2 steps using the same foot and quickly moved onto 4 steps that same day.. I would say in less then a week from taking her first steps she was a pro at walking.. Walking then turned into running and along came the boo boo's..Every chance We had we practiced standing and walking.. 

    I remember one day before she actually walked on her own she had this push toy and when I looked over at her she pulled her self up with it and took off across the room!! I was Shocked...

    Just keep working on it, soon enough Lo will be walking..


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  • She started standing unsupported and walking with the push walker right around 11m, she was full on walking on her own by 11.5m. So about 2 full weeks.
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  • It was a long time before DD had the confidence to totally transition to walking as her primary mode of transportation.

    She crawled at 7m, pulled up at 7.5, cruised at 8m. She was taking 6 or more independent steps by 10m when prompted but still preferred crawling. She didnt switch to walking until 13m.

    I really think it was her personality more than not being able to. Like I said, she was able to do it by 10m, but was verrrry cautious and just wasn't ready to switch. Every baby is different!
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  • My daughter took one falling step then it was WEEKS till she tried to really do it again. That was around 10-11 months. She started walking the month she turned 1, but not till after she was 1 did she realize how much easier walking was lol.  but she was later with those things, she didnt crawl till 6 months more and didnt pull up on stuff till 9-10.
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  • I'm not sure on pulling on and cruising.. 7 or 8 months.

    Started taking steps on his own the week before 9 months. Full out walking around 9 and a half and 10 months.


  • Ds was pulling up,and cruising at 8 months, first steps at 9.5 months and walking well by 10.5 months. Now at a year, I have to run to keep up!

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  • mine was crawling by 7 months, cruising by 8 and a half and walking by 9. it seems like she took her first couple of steps before falling on her own for a couple of days then went full into walking. I think she walked so early cause she was trying tio keep up with her cousin who is 6 months older than her.
  • E was pulling up at 7 months but didn't take steps until 10 months.  He was walking by 11 months.
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  • He started pulling up and cruising by 6 months, going between things without letting go as well as pushing things around by 7, taking 1 to 2 steps by 8 1/2, up to 5 to 7 steps mid 9 months, full on walking within a week of that 9 months, 3 weeks. So it's possible. You can get excited.

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