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What did you get LO for Christmas?

This may have been asked before, so sorry if this is a repeat post. 

What did you get your LO for his/her 1st Christmas?

I just bought a Christmas theme book, which I hope to make a tradition of doing each year. This year I bought "Bear Stays Up For Christmas." And I also bought a cute stuffed polar bear dressed up in a Christmasy outfit. That's all I got for this year since he's so tiny...can't wait until he gets bigger and knows what's going on at Christmas...I'll probably go overboard then. :) 

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Re: What did you get LO for Christmas?

  • that's super sweet. I've sent DH out to get a Christmas ornament by which to commemorate LO's first Christmas. Otherwise, I bought a megapack of 200+ diapers, a wooden ball "rattle" and a swaddling blanket. I'm wrapping them and giving them to DH. We have decided to not give presents this year.

    I wanted to come up with something more meaningful, but couldn't think of anything other than maybe a piece of jewelry to give to her later. My parents did something like that. They held onto this necklace for 15 years or so before giving it to me. 

  • We bought him a few new toys and some clothes.

    The boys have a big joint present together which is a play kitchen and play food.   Also they are getting a musical instrument play set.

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  • We got her a playmat, and an ornament. Santa got her bath stuff and a Disney movie. Next year will be more fun! I felt kind of ridiculous wrapping them
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  • We're doing the 4 things from mom/dad (something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read) and then gifts from Santa. This year we skipped the gifts from Santa since LO is sure to be spoiled by everyone else!

    As for the 4 gifts we got some little toys to clip to the car seat/stroller, a stocking, a couple sleepers, and a cute book that DH picked out (I think it's called Little Blue Truck gets Stuck...). 

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  • Got A a playmat and made footprint ornaments. DH got him a onesie with a silk tie on it.

    We're still getting absurd amouts of gifts for his birth. Let alone the barrage of gifts headed his way from family for Christmas.

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  • I didn't get my LO anything!  I decided it was better spent on my DH...
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  • Books and DVD's. I'm a crazy book person and we have a DVD player in the car but no kid movies. She'll probably be front facing by next Christmas so I wanted a few movies for the car...even though she totally won't be old enough to really watch TV anyways. But we bought the Lorax for her...mostly because I really wanted to watch it. :P
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  • Nothing... 

    We have everything from DD still! So he really didn't need anything, we got an ornament. Ugh I'm bad lol

    next year! 

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  • Family members have already sent and dropped off a bunch of wrapped gifts. We decided not to buy a whole bunch since he's not aware of it and will be changing so much so shortly after the holidays and we'll want to spend money on gifts then. We bought a little activity ball from Bright Starts for young babies that plays music and has different textures and vibrates.

    My big thing was making ornaments and taking pictures in Christmas outfits. I looked at some of the commemorative 'First Christmas' ornaments, but really haven't liked any. 

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  • I bought M an ornament and DH bought her a onesie that says "muggle born". Truly she needs almost nothing I feel like we just had my shower where she got an enormous amount of stuff and I know the FAM will spoil her.
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  • I just got a couple more long sleeved onesies, a few small toys, and a book. I'm excited because my mom got M the fisher price piano play mat and I keep hearing about how great it is. I want to see him try it.
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  • image jLeigh0709:
    I just got a couple more long sleeved onesies, a few small toys, and a book. I'm excited because my mom got M the fisher price piano play mat and I keep hearing about how great it is. I want to see him try it.

    My LO LOVES his piano mat, and so do I. That thing lets me eat lunch because it entertains him for pretty long stretches!

    I got LO a soft mirror, Sophie, a couple of Baby Einstein toys, and some clothes. He has a couple of "Santa" gifts, which are simply the ones I didn't wanna wrap. ;

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  • We got the baby a Sophie and a small Sophie teether, and I'm planning to get her a set of Trumpette socks. I like the jewelry idea, I may steal that.

    DD1 is getting a few books, the box set of Rankin Bass Christmas movies, and a few other little things. We're keeping it low key this year.

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  • Santa is bringing her a jumperoo. I know she can't use it for a while, but it is one of the few things we didn't save from DD#1. And, yes, Santa is bringing it because older sister would totally question why he didn't bring anything for baby sister. Older siblings totally complicate things, lol.
  • we got him some pajamas, small rattle type toys, books and some things that he will need coming up like his daycare bag, his daycare stickers and a few things that his brother already has like a big belly bank. in his stocking he's getting his vitamin D supplement, ha.
  • We bought a few items but did not wrap them or anything. I got him a new Carter's outfit that had giraffes on it and giraffe faces on the feet.  I also purchased some of these muslin bibs from A+A because D is such a spitter.  Oh and we bought him some socks.

    The funny part of this year for me was that DH who normally is all grinchy decided our 15.00 big lots tree was not good enough suddenly and wanted to run around looking for bigger/better trees and decorations.  Thankfully I talked him into waiting. 

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  • image vnstacie:


    We have everything from DD still! So he really didn't need anything, we got an ornament. Ugh I'm bad lol

    next year! 

    Same here. We have clothes and toys from DS1 and the grandparents bought him a few things so we just got our oldest gifts. 


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  • I went way overboard. Embarrassingly so. Santa is bringing lots of clothes and a few toys, Mommy and Daddy are giving a playmat and a mobile, plus I know my parents went crazy. Additionally, his baptism is on Saturday, so I can only imagine what family might bring. He's very spoiled.

    Also, what is a Sophie? Is this something I need to learn about?
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