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~It Just Feels Good~

Great idea for a Random Act of Kindness  <span class=:-)" src="" width="257" />

"This is a random act of kindness...Your _____ is ons me. Enjoy Your Day"!

Great idea!!

Did you surprise anyone with your kindness today?


_____ is because I have bad eyes and cannot read the caption! Feel free to fill it in for me!

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Re: ~It Just Feels Good~

  • We took cookies to our neighbors today.
  • Today was really special.

    I took Bo to pick a name off of the giving tree at the mall; he picked the very bottom card which happened to be a 2 year old named Jesus! After reading Jesus' wish list Bo and I went to the Gap and purchased a sweater and pair of boots! We then went and found a large Tonka Truck and package of diapers for this sweet baby!

    I do not know what it was a very special time for Bo and I to work together as a team and help someone that is around his same age. Very-very cool.


    Is Jesus a *big* kid if he is 2 and wearing size 3T, 8 shoes, and size 6 diaper?

    OH! we also bought the perspon behind us at Starbucks their coffee! I wonder if we started a chain reaction???  

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  • I donated to the salvation army bell ringer
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  • image becasmeca:

    Today was really special.

    Is Jesus a *big* kid if he is 2 and wearing size 3T, 8 shoes, and size 6 diaper?

    Based on size 3T I would say no, but shoes and diapers I would say yes. Sounds like he might be kinda of short and stout.

    DD wears a size 8 shoe and she's almost 4!  

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  • I didn't directly, but I had the boys help the lady next to us load her groceries into her car then take her cart back. 

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  • I saw an awesome act of kindness today. A customer bought the bell ringer a cup of soup. I think that was such a good idea.
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  • It says your SNACK is on me. And that's such a good idea!

    M and I went shopping at a couple places today, but didnt have the opportunity to do anything. Nobody was ever behind us in a line or anything. Nobody was in the drive thru at Starbucks either. My friend posted something on fb today about being in Giant Eagle with her little girl.. She's one also. And some lady gave her a toys r us gift card. My friend proceeded to pay for the elderly mans groceries that was behind her. I guess he wasn't so thankful though.
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