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Christmas gift from boss

I teach school. For thirteen years, my boss has always given me some piece of crap present that I wish they hadn't spent money on. This boss usually buys us some ugly team shirt we hate wearing. Well, this year, they gave us 20 bucks to the movies. Holy crud! A good gift! I'm positively giddy! How about you guys?
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Re: Christmas gift from boss

  • We get something with the name of the lab on it. This year it was a laser pointer. I will add it to the collection of travel mug, regular mug, hat, tshirt, clock, tile/trivet?, umbrella, other hat, water bottle, back pack.....

  • Nothing from my current boss. But the one before this (same company) would give us all a nice ornament or something Christmas-y. 

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • My boss usually gives us at least $50 in a VISA gift card. Most of my bosses (I've stayed put and gone through 4 in 10 years) have done something similar.
  • We got a nice ornament this year. Last year it was a lunch box, the year before it was a piggy bank... Usually something with the school name on it.

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  • I'm the boss, so I buy my own gift and everyone else's too.  Normally I try to be creative, but this year was pretty much a pain and I didn't have it in me.  This year everyone got gift baskets from Popcorn Factory.
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  • The owner of my company of 26 gave me 200 cash. My direct manager gave me a nice bottle of red wine. Lucky girl!
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  • I should have clarified. The $8 in lotto tickets was from my direct boss. Our company owner gave me $400 before taxes.

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  • My boss gave us lunch... she made it, too, which was heartfelt.  I teach as well, at a pubic high school. 

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  • One of my bosses gave me a hand lotion set and a 100 restaurant gc. Very generous! I gave my assistants 75 apiece in gift cards, plus a bath set so they have something to open. They usually give me a joint present like a gift card for a spa or restaurant. Then I take them out to a steakhouse for a Xmas dinner. It's an expensive time for me!
  • I teach history and the department head always gets the whole department a coffee table-style history book. I haven't opened this year's yet, but I'm sure that's what it is. Not anything I need, but mildly entertaining.

    As a welcome back to school gift, he always gives us all these world population data sheets. He always calls it a gift, and they are big poster-sized chart things, so I'm sure they cost some money. I have 8 years folder up in my desk, I've never opened them. I always feel bad and want to tell him not to bother, but I don't want to hurt his feelings! Yes, the historian/social science person in me would find that interesting, but really, what full time working mother has time for that crap? And even before kids, the beginning of the school year is just a busy time!

  • My boss got me a $50 amazon GC and a Christmas ornament.  I think last year she got me a $100 Amazon GC.  I got her a $50 bottle of bourbon. 

    I got my direct reports $25 Target GCs and little Body Shop sampler kits and an ornament.

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  • Well, I'm glad you think that movie tickets are a decent gift - because that's what I got my employees.  I usually do something small and useful ~$20.  My boss didn't get me anything.

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