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so all those decisions we debated pre birth...

So what did you all end up doing on those decisions that got debated pre-birth? Did you circumcize? Did you bank your cord blood? Did you encapsulate your placenta? Did you go med free? Etc.

I DID bank cord blood again, and I also encapsulated my placenta. I *think* it helped. Hard to compare, for sure, but I feel much better post partum than I did with my first...

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Re: so all those decisions we debated pre birth...

  • Circumcision: yes we still did

    Cord blood banking: we did not choose to bank the cord blood

    Placenta encapsulation: sorry. That's just not for me!

    Meds: I wanted to go med free. I made it to 8 cm and then had severe back labor that I couldn't handle anymore. I received Fentanyl in an iv and finished delivery with that.
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  • We had DS circumcised after a lot of discussion and thankfully the procedure went great. I was interested in placental encapsulation but didn't do it. I am doing much better with this baby though and haven't had any PPD yet and hopefully won't have any. I wanted to go med free but had to be induced again. After a few hours of pitocin I decided that I didn't want to go through another pitocin labor without an epidural. My first was induced with pit and my epi didn't work. So I got an epidural and it actually worked this time. Glad I did because my son was 10 lbs, 8 oz.!
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  • No circumcision here, but the only person arguing that was my mom. And I had more meds than I ever wanted. I can't remember any other issues I was waffling on.
  • I planned on being induced with an epidural, but my doctor sent me for an ultrasound the day before. I was 39 weeks and measuring between 41 and 42 weeks. She was too big and I had to have a c-sec. The only plan that didn't change was the donation of the cord blood.
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  • We circumcised L. It was important to DH that he was.

    I did have meds, but I made it further along without it than I thought.

    We did not bank cord blood, but did donate it to the local blood bank.

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  • Didn't circumsise. Went longer than I thought I would without epidural 8cm. Had my VBAC. No visitors at hospital. My only regret was that I didn't eat my placenta....I've got some raging postpartum depression going on....maybe that would've helped? lol
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  • We did circumcize, but there was really no debate about that.

    I wanted a med free birth but when little man was diagnosed with severe IUGR at 33 weeks, I was admitted for a scheduled c-section, which turned into an emergency c-section when he had an episode of decels to 60 in the middle of the night. I didn't take any meds after my section though. 

    Cord blood was banked mainly because Noah is AB-, which is one the rarest blood types out there.

    No placenta encapsulation. Not for me.  

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  • We did circumcise.

    We wanted to donate our cord blood but after waiting two weeks to receive the paper work and filling it out they told us it was too late to sign up for donation. I was really disappointed by that.

    I really did not want a C-Section but had one.  I know it was the right choice in the end with my escalating blood pressure and other factors.  Thankfully the recovery was a lot easier than I expected. 

    I did enforce no visitation from my mom's husband.  Just having her there was stressful enough. No way I could have taken both of them in that small room at the same time. 

    The one thing I did change my mind on was breastfeeding right away. When they did the c-section they offered me two choices. Either have the baby right away once I was in recovery and they would come get him later for his full bath, or send him with Dad to get his bath first then come to the recovery.  I opted to have him take the bath with Dad first. I was really worried that it would mess up our breastfeeding but it didn't. LO was wake and alert when they brought him in and he latched right away. 

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  • Circumcision: we had a girl, so we happily did not have to continue this discussion after week 20 (DH is Jewish. I was not sold on circumcision).

    Cord blood banking: nope.

    Placenta encapsulation: nope. Actually, at the hospital I gave birth in the placenta and cord are automatically donated to the blood bank unless you say otherwise...which I thought was nice. Shame for all those cells to go to waste otherwise. I asked the doc to show me the placenta though  - and it was pretty impressive. I had no idea it would be so large.

    Meds: one of the nice things about having never come to a conclusion about meds is that when I realized I couldn't go any further without them, I faced no arguments with the staff about receiving them. I showed up at the hospital with contractions about 90 seconds apart and about 8 cm dilated. At first I thought, you know, I could do this for a few hours...about 10 minutes later, when I was getting maybe 30 seconds of rest in between contractions and they were so forceful I thought my head might explode, I sent DH into the corridor and told him not to come back until he had an anesthesiologist in tow. He came back anyway (brave man), but the doctor followed about 10 minutes (approximately 7 contractions) later.  

     I feel no shame in saying this - the yoga ball did jack s#$% for me after the contractions ramped up in force. This kid was in the perfect position. I was well dilated. I am tough as all hell when it comes to pain and I really couldn't take the pain anymore. I have no idea how anyone does this naturally with losing their minds. My hats off to anyone who has done this naturally. You are a better person than I.   

    The epidural slowed my contractions eventually and in the last 30 minutes of a 2 1/2 hour transition, I agreed to a shot of pitocin. I had not planned on that.

    Episiotomy: I had to do a little project once on episiotomy history and complications etc.. The outcome of that little project was that I figured if a control tear was needed to avoid tearing the pudendal nerve/a sideways tear, I would be totally on board. Outside of those specific circumstances, I had no interest in having one. There I am in the last 5 minutes of labour being told I have to have one for specifically this reason. I agree and lo' and behold, I unpredictably tore in a completely different area and very, very badly. This is the one unexpected thing that really did bum me out. It made caring for LO next to impossible without a lot of assistance. I've been on crazytown meds for the pain, and side effects of the pain meds since.   

    In the end, I have a great DD and had such minimal problems, that I've come to terms with how the last 5 minutes went, injuries and all. Eager to heal, but otherwise feel we had a good birth. 


  • jLeigh0709 - I LOVE the pic of your LO in your siggy. I pointed it out to my husband today. It is such an adorable pic. Makes me giggle everytime I see it.
  • Did not circumsize DS, but there wasn't much debate on that.

    Did not bank cord blood, but that wasn't something that was discussed either way.

    Did not encapsulate placenta, but that wasn't really a decision on the table either...not that I don't think it has a possibility of working, but because I hate to swallow pills!

    I wanted meds, but did not get any because labor progressed too quickly.

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  • Did not bank cord blood, but did donate it.

    Did not encapsulate placenta. A little too out there for me. I was just proud of myself for looking at the thing. So weird and amazing.

    Went med free. Think it helped that I never considered them an option. Natural was how I was doing it if it killed me. Which, thankfully it didn't.  

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  • Circumcision: we did on day 2 and planned on it. Very happy with that decision.

    Cord Blood: we weren't planning on banking it. I was going to donate but things went haywire after delivery and everyone in the room, including me, forgot about it.

    Placenta: no encapsulation. Gag.

    Meds: had them and planned on it. I waited as long as I could to get the epidural and was happy with that. Very unhappy that I requested and got a second shot of it. It kicked in too late and made the last part of delivery awful.

    Episiotomy: unfortunately got one. I started bawling when the DR said she needed to do one. Had second degree tearing, too. Looking back, it was the right decision. He came right out after she did it. It's healing well.

    Skin to skin, DH cutting the cord, breastfeeding: We wanted to do all of these but they took him away right after delivery because I wasn't doing well.

    Moral of the story: I didn't have a birth plan but it was still a learning experience in me not being able to control everything, rolling with the punches, and living in the moment.

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  • Circumcision: We still chose not to.

    Banking cord blood: Nope

    Encapsulating placenta: Nope

    Med free birth: Stuck to it.

    Episiotomy: No, my labor and delivery really happened too fast.

    Skin to skin ASAP: Yes

    Breastfeeding ASAP: Yes. I was so glad he didn't have a lot of issues feeding!

    No visitors: Hell yeah! People I didn't even think of tried to just show up. I thought I was being paranoid when I told the staff I didn't want any visitors right after M was born (my actual labor and delivery was so fast and happened so late, it wasn't brought up),  but I'm so glad I said something. I had coworkers asking to come four hours later! Give me a break!  

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  • I got the med free birth I wanted. Things were pretty manageable until the very end and I knew it would be over soon which helped me stick it out. Everyone was pushing for me to get the IV but we declined that too.

    We did do skin to skin, but I wore a sleep nursing bra and I kind of wish I hadn't because it made nursing right away a bit harder. Not a big regret though.

    We wanted to delay clamping and cutting the cord, but she came out so fast that none of us had a chance to tell the OB our wishes. They waited a minute or so but not the 5 to 10 I would have liked. I'm trying not to be upset about it. DH cut the cord.

    We delayed the bath, eye ointment and vitamin K for a couple of hours and declined the HepB vaccine, which she'll get at her 2 month visit instead.

    Didn't encapsulate the placenta but wasn't planning to. My doula seemed shocked when I told her I wasn't interested, I guess she just figured I'd want to being as crunchy as I am about most other things.

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  • I went med free and I'm so happy I was able to. H is really embarrassing about it though and tells everyone, "My wife is tougher than she looks. She had an OP baby and pushed for 3 hours with no meds!" I appreciate that he's proud, but everyone doesn't need to know haha. We wanted to delay cord clamping, but were not able to since L had a true knot in her cord and wasn't crying, so it was cut immediately to make sure she was ok. I did not do placenta encapsulation.

  • No circ, no meds, no placenta, no cord blood.

    As planned.
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