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PIP Isabella Grace is here! 12/19/12 (Long)


Tuesday I had posted asking what water breaking and trickling out was like. Turns out I just had extra discharge from losing my mucus plug after having my membranes stripped Monday. Later that night I took one bite of dinner and felt off and not hungry all the sudden. We had plans to take DS out for one last outing as a family of 3 since I was scheduled for my induction fri. After we got home I sat on the ground wrapping presents for an hour. At midnight I started having contractions but they weren't very strong and about 5-6 min apart. They started to taper off just before 1am. I was bummed so I decided I would take a couple walks up and down my stairs and do some lunges. 15 min later I gave up and sat down to watch tv and see if my contractions would start again. 20 min after that my water broke! I was shocked!

We grabbed DS and the rest of our stuff and jumped in the car to make the hour plus trip to drop DS off at Grandma's and then to the hospital. I was so scared having not gone into spontaneous labor with DS, I just prayed the whole way I wouldn't have the baby in the car. Also no one ever told me that after your water breaks it will continue to gush since your body continues to make more water. So the seat in my brand new van is in need of cleaning now in a major way. Made it to the hospital around 3am I was still 2cm (same as at dr on Mon). Got my epi soon after. It took 2 times for her to find a good spot in my spine so that was not fun. I got the shakes pretty bad after that. Then my contractions started to taper off again so they decided to give me some pitocin to get them back on track only my epi stopped working around then. I had numb legs but could feel my tummy and pain from the contractions. They fixed my epi which was nice and by this time I was 6cm. They said they would check me again in a few hours. About an hour later I was feeling pressure and gushing with every contraction. I asked them to check me and sure enough I was complete 10cm! After about 6 pushes my princess was born 7lbs 1oz & 19in at 11:06am Wed morning. I only had a small 1st degree tear and one stitch. We are very blessed. She is a sweet girl and big brother is so happy she is here. Good luck to everyone that is still waiting for their babies to be born!


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Re: PIP Isabella Grace is here! 12/19/12 (Long)

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